Wombat Poo Really is Square

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Wombat poo is square! The wombat is a native nocturnal animal of Australia. They live in burrows under the ground and have incredibly bad eyesight. A wombat will leave on average between 80 and 100 square poops around its territory in an evening. They also use this poo to find new potential mates. At each stop it will usually leave 4 to 8 of these droppings, otherwise known as wombat scat, and each poo is on average 2 centimetres (3/4 inch) wide. You may be thinking that they have square leavings so must have a square anus. A wombat has a round anus, which must make it uncomfortable trying to pass a square block through a round hole. No one knows for certain why a wombat does square poos. There are several theories why it is square. One theory suggests it is the length of time it takes to digest its food, which can take up to a week. Another is that the poop is amongst the driest of all mammals, so takes its square shape from inside and doesn’t reshape on the way out.


wombat poo


While it would seem uncomfortable, it doesn’t seem to worry a wombat. There are several reasons why the wombat poo is square. A lot of the time a wombat will leave it sitting on logs and edges. A square number two will balance easier on a round edge. It also allows for other wombats to identify wombat poo. As the eyesight is poor, a square poop is easily identifiable.


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Paul Kern, the Man Who Didn't Sleep for 40 Years
Iceland Has an Incest App

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