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Woody Harrelson’s Father Was a Hitman

woody harrelson father

The father of actor Woody Harrelson was a cold blooded killer. For one of the most recognizable actors in Holly wood, this hardly seems at all possible. Harrelson was after all an Academy Award nominee for best actor. But what he has done in his own life has nothing at all to do with the donor of half of his DNA.

The actors father, Charles Voyde Harrelson, was born in 1938 in Texas. By all accounts his life was relatively normal, and a life of crime seemed as far fetched for the young man as anyone else. To tell you the truth, when he became an adult he sold encyclopedias in California. That hardly sounds all that shady, now does it? However, while in California he also decided to test his chances at becoming a professional gambler. This dabbling in something a little on the dark side. although perfectly legal, led him down a path that would forever change his life.

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