Wedding Cake Was Originally Thrown at the Bride

wedding cake thrown at bride

Oh, this would have been so much fun on so many occasions. We all know that a wedding cake is a traditional part of the wedding, but would you believe that the tradition used to be to get the wedding cake and have it thrown at the bride? It’s seriously true, and would have been a lot more fun than eating it. So where and when did this fun tradition begin, and why on Earth would anyone every want it to end? I mean, food fights are a lot of fun, and when a lot of people are at differing levels of inebriation, it would be a lot more fun. Am I right, or am I right?

This fun practice of throwing wedding cake at the bride is a medieval tradition. The idea was to throw it at the lucky girl because it was a symbol of fertility. I guess there’s nothing quite like physical assault with a hard fruit cake to say that you will be the bearer of many children. No doubt that it would have also been done because of the associated fun, but what the hell has a cake got to do with fertility? I don’t know. But what I do know is that the wedding receptions used to get a lot messier.

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