10 Amazing Dream Facts You Won’t Believe

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Remember them or not, dreams are a part of our lives. Some of them are so vividly memorable we just want to experience them over and over again, but some can be, well, embarrassing. So we thought it would be great to look at some dream facts and see what we could uncover. And here they are. The ten best and most amazing dream facts we could find.

1 8 Percent Of People Have Erotic Dreams

As a teenager it’s something that we constantly think about, sex. It’s so prevalent in our thoughts that even our sleep is haunted by our urges to procreate. But one we have fully matured things change a little. Life seems to take over and primal urges tend to subside a bit. But some people will continue to be plagued by sex i their sleep.

Do your dreams involve sex? It is believed that around 8% of adults will dream about sex. In some of these cases it will result in climax, known as a wet dream. Dreams involving sex are much more prevalent in mid to late teenagers.

2 Most Dreams Have Different Themes

dream facts

If you are able to recall your dreams most people will notice that it’s never the same dream twice, as in the same theme. Your mind creates a different situation and scenario every time. But while this is the most common scenario for the majority of people, some break the rules altogether.

Some people report only ever being able to dream the same dream over and over again, like a broken record playing the same song over and over again. Regardless of the day or time of year, they will experience the same dream scape repeatedly.

3 Some Dreams Are In Black And White

Some Dreams Are In Black And White

We’ve all seen the old movies that have been shot in black and white. While the stories are great enough to capture the audience, we had to use our imagination to fill in the color scheme. As a kid watching the old movies, I hated it. So could you imagine only being able to dream in black and white?

Some people are only able to dream in black and white. This is despite being surrounded by a colorful world.

In a study it was found that people who were exposed to only black and white television as children experienced black and white dreams about 25 percent of the time. Black and white dreams have also been linked to some neurological conditions.

4 Some Common Feelings When Dreaming

Common Feelings When Dreaming

When you have a dream what do you feel? Is it happiness, sadness or anger? Apart from wet dreams and the other fun ones, the most common feeling during a dream is one of anxiety.

To tell you the sad truth, the most common feelings felt during dreams are negative ones. But as we have said, from time to time it is possible to enjoy a dream that has periods of laughter and happiness.

But if you are not happy to have depressing dreams, there is something that you can do about it.

5 Lucid Dreaming, How To Make It Possible With A Mask

lucid dreaming how to

Lucid dreaming is possible, and now you can learn how to do it with a lucid dreaming mask.

Raise your hand if you have seen the hit movie Inception. OK, you can lower your hand now because we have no way of even knowing that your hand was raised. Instead we will assume that you have seen it, and at least heard of it. but for those who have no idea what Inception about, we’ll give an ever so brief explanation. It was about lucid dreaming, or controlling your dreams. Told you it would be brief.  The movie introduced the vast majority of the population to the concept of controlling your dreams. ow you too can do it, and it should be easy to learn.

Before you begin you may be asking why would anyone want to control your dreams. Think about it for a moment. Dreams, although they usually only last for a short period of time, appear to last a very long time while you are asleep. Usually most people find it impossible to control the environment and direction of the dream, and this can be particularly disturbing during nightmares. Being able to lucid dream places you in control. You can make your wildest dreams a reality. Now learn how to Lucid dream.

You can train yourself to control your dreams, and this is one of the easiest methods possible to achieve it. The first step you need to do is get a device called a Novadreamer. The Novadreamer is worn while you are sleeping and it will send a signal to your brain to let you know you are dreaming. After a little training and awareness you will be able to begin lucid dreaming.

6 Some People Suffer From Extreme Sleep Walking

Some sleep walkers become so taken over by their dreams they behave in unusual ways. It has been shown that some sleep walkers will engage in sex with multiple partners, and even commit serious crimes such as murder. This behaviour is usually completely out of character but can have huge implications for the people around them.

7 There Is No Treatment For Sleep Walking

Do you know that there is very little treatment for sleep walking? Often the best thing you can do is put dangerous things away. It is also likely to be inhereted. It is believed that between 1–15% of the population sleep walk. The reason we are paralyzed when we sleep is to prevent us from acting out our dreams.

8 When You Are Sleeping You Are Paralyzed

When You Are Sleeping You Are Paralyzed

When you are sleeping you are paralyzed. But why would you be paralyzed? They believe it is to prevent the sleeping body from acting out the dreams. Although it sometimes does fail, like in examples that we have just mentioned, with the majority of us we are unable to move while dreaming.

9 Quitting Smoking Can Help Make Your Dreams More Vivid

Quitting Smoking Can Help Make Your Dreams More Vivid

People who quit smoking have more vivid dreams. When people quit smoking the desire to light up enters their dreams, and this desire makes the dream far more vivid. When they dream of something other then smoking, the dreams are just as vivid as when they were smoking.

10 Blind People Have Dreams, But Not As You Would Expect

Did you know that blind people have dreams? but how they experience the dream all depends on how long they have been blind for. Confused? Lets explain.

If someone lost their sight at a very young age their dreams will have images but not as vivid as someone who has full sight. If they lost sight later in life, such as teenage years or adulthood, the dreams are as vivid as anyone else’s. However, if they have been blind their entire life their dreams only consist of the senses that their brain has experienced, such as sound, smell, touch and taste.

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