Adam West Has A Batman Logo On His Teeth

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adam west batman logo his teeth

As Robin would say, “Holy Cliche!” Adam West has a Batman logo on his teeth, well at least one tooth. But why would an octogenarian such as Adam West have a Batman logo printed on his teeth?

Adam West is perhaps best remembered for his performance in the 1960’s Batman television show. A hit at the time, and still a cult favorite, the show revitalized the Batman franchise in the in the 1960’s. According to West, it was his dream role too. He had always been a fan of Batman as it combined the aspects of detective work with a a super hero. When he earned the signature role in 1966, Adam West was working on a TV show in Hawaii. One could fairly confidently say that he was happy with the opportunity offered to him, and he capitalized on it, making the role his.

Although the iconic crime fighting hero has seen many incarnations over the years on the big screen, no actor has been able to place their own stamp on the role like West. There have been some memorable Batman’s, and some rather crappy ones that we shall never mention again, but for the role, only West will be forever remembered. Perhaps that’s the reason Adam West has a Batman logo on his teeth, to stamp his authority on the role.

It’s obvious that he has many fond memories of his time as the caped crusader. He got a cosmetic surgeon to place the logo onto one of his molars.

Now that time has progressed past the days of the Batman television show, it hasn’t slowed Adam West down. He has appeared in over 80 movies and sixty television shows. Perhaps one of his most memorable performances since retiring his Batman role would be in Family Guy, where he plays himself, albeit, of somewhat questionable sanity.





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