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Sun. Oct 13th, 2019

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10 Amazing Dream Facts You Won’t Believe

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People who quit smoking have more vivid dreams. When people quit smoking the desire to light up enters their dreams, and this desire makes the dream far more vivid. When they dream of something other then smoking, the dreams are just as vivid as when they were smoking.

10 Blind People Have Dreams, But Not As You Would Expect

Did you know that blind people have dreams? but how they experience the dream all depends on how long they have been blind for. Confused? Lets explain.

If someone lost their sight at a very young age their dreams will have images but not as vivid as someone who has full sight. If they lost sight later in life, such as teenage years or adulthood, the dreams are as vivid as anyone else’s. However, if they have been blind their entire life their dreams only consist of the senses that their brain has experienced, such as sound, smell, touch and taste.


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