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12 Amazing Big Bang Theory Facts

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1 The Original Name For The Big Bang Theory Was Going To Be Lenny, Penny, and Kenny

the big bang theory original name

Leading our Big Bang Theory Facts is the weird working title for the show. It would seem unthinkable to fans of the show today, but at one time the original name for the Big Bang Theory was going to be something completely different. Of course, when we are talking about the Big Bang Theory in this instance, we are talking about the television show. So if it wasn’t going to be named The Big Bang Theory, what was it going to be called?

Well, this is really rather interesting. The original name for the Big Bang Theory was going to be Lenny, Penny, and Kenny. Apart from a repetitive nature familiarizing the viewer with the characters names each time the show airs on television, and is seen in advertisements and guides, it was in my opinion, a really sucky name. Which I am guessing is the reason that the executives changed the name. But you would have noticed something amiss with the original title. Who the heck is Kenny? I’m aware of Lenny, and the gorgeous Penny, but who is Kenny and where is Sheldon, who is arguably the best character in the show?

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