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20 Family Guy Facts You Probably Don’t Know

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Welcome to our fantastic list of Family Guy facts that you probably don’t know, but should. Some will surprise you, some will make you laugh, and some will make you wonder. Please enjoy our compilation of cool Family Guy facts.

1 Brian Griffin Is Based On Seth MacFarlane


For fans of Family Guy, Brian Griffin needs no introduction at all. He is the intelligent, cool, calm and collected pet of the Griffin Family. He is often the most intelligent member of the family, and often provides many pearls of wisdom. In a shock move, the writers temporarily killed off the popular character of Brian Griffin in November, 2013, in the episode “Life of Brian”, which was episode 6 of season 12, to spice up the series. He was killed when he was struck by a car. The writers settled on Brian, as they felt it would be too traumatic to kill off one of the family members. Why didn’t Stewie just use his time machine to go back in time to save his life? He had just finished dismantling it.

Well, now you know who Brian Griffin is, so who did his voice and was he based on anyone in particular? He sure was. Brian is based at lot on creator Seth Macfarlane. He uses his normal voice for Brian, and a lot of Brian’s ideas and social leanings are based on Seth’s own.


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  1. You’ve apparently never seen Episode 420. Pot isn’t re-illegalized due to any negative effects to the town. It’s because hemp was cutting into Carter Pewterschmidt’s timber profits.

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