20 Family Guy Facts You Probably Don’t Know

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Welcome to our fantastic list of Family Guy facts that you probably don’t know, but should. Some will surprise you, some will make you laugh, and some will make you wonder. Please enjoy our compilation of cool Family Guy facts.

1 Brian Griffin Is Based On Seth MacFarlane


For fans of Family Guy, Brian Griffin needs no introduction at all. He is the intelligent, cool, calm and collected pet of the Griffin Family. He is often the most intelligent member of the family, and often provides many pearls of wisdom. In a shock move, the writers temporarily killed off the popular character of Brian Griffin in November, 2013, in the episode “Life of Brian”, which was episode 6 of season 12, to spice up the series. He was killed when he was struck by a car. The writers settled on Brian, as they felt it would be too traumatic to kill off one of the family members. Why didn’t Stewie just use his time machine to go back in time to save his life? He had just finished dismantling it.

Well, now you know who Brian Griffin is, so who did his voice and was he based on anyone in particular? He sure was. Brian is based at lot on creator Seth Macfarlane. He uses his normal voice for Brian, and a lot of Brian’s ideas and social leanings are based on Seth’s own.


2 William H Macey Was Nearly Brian Griffins Voice



When popular TV cartoon Family Guy first started William H. Macy auditioned for the role of Brian Griffin, the dog. However, although he auditioned for the role, Seth MacFarlane took on the role himself. He decided to voice Brian, along with many other characters from the show due to budget constraints.

Could you imagine Brian Griffin sounding like William H Macy? Imagine the voice of Curious George giving the sarcastic one liners and insightful words of wisdom. It just wouldn’t have worked as well.



3  Family Guy Has Been Cancelled Twice

family guy facts

Even tough Family Guy is one of the most popular cartoons on television today that is targeted towards an adult audience, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for the show. In fact, it has been cancelled twice in its lifetime.

When shows get cancelled it’s rare that they ever rise again, especially if they are canned early is the shows life, such as the first couple of seasons. Family Guy is the exception. The show wasn’t very well received when it was first made, and following the second season it was cancelled. It spent a year on the back burners, lingering away without anyone having really noticed that it was ever made.

It saw a brief return after a year of being absent for the third season. But following this season, it was cancelled again with poor reviews and ratings. It remained off air between 2002 and 2005, when it was revived for the third time. So why did the network take a risk with a show that had twice been cancelled?

The DVD sales. Family Guy was released on DVD, and during its short life on television it had gained a cult following. Sales of the DVD’s soared, and this prompted the network to give it one final try. The reast as they say, is history.


4 What The Hell Is Mentioned In (Almost) Every Family Guy Episode

Did you know that what the hell is mentioned in every Family Guy episode? At first, it appears as nothing more than a throw away line, but the writers have made it a subtle gag throughout its troubled time on air.

When it comes to sitcoms, the writers find a way to hide something special in it that may or may not be noticed. Cartoons seem to do this more frequently. One notable example is South Park, where Kenny was killed in every one of the early episodes. This was an easily noticeable repeat of a theme. The first time it happened it came as a shock. But after a dozen or so times it became expected.  But sometimes they can be extremely subtle, as with Family Guy and what the hell in every episode.

I must admit, I’m a fan of Family Guy, and I could never understand why it was cancelled so many times. From the first time I saw it I was in stitches. But I will also admit, that I never noticed this running gag. I mean, I heard at least someone say “what the hell,” but I never picked up that it was in every episode. Perhaps I am just not that observant, but nonetheless, it was there. So who is the culprit that keeps saying this one line? Is it one of the family members, or another character?

In Family Guy, what the hell is mentioned in nearly every episode. This one line is mentioned by at least one of the characters appearing in the episode, and isn’t tied to anyone in particular. As a pretty cool running gag, I must admit that I now stay focused and try to see when it is uttered. One episode where it is absent is Season 3’s From Method To Madness.



5 Seth MacFarlane Starred In Star Trek

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane is a fan of Star Trek, hence its constant referencing in the show. He even appeared in 2 episodes of Star Trek Enterprise during its final 2 years of production. e says that he wasn’t really a fan of Star Trek until he was in the 9th grade, and his introduction to the series was thanks to his father.

He has been a fan of both Star Wars and Star Trek, even saying that he would like to see the franchise bought back to TV.

Watch the short clip below that has a brief cameo by Seth MacFarlane.


6 Seth MacFarlane Wrote For Hanna-Barbera

Seth MacFarlane Wrote For Hanna-Barbera

Yabba dabba do. Seth MacFarlane wrote for Hanna-Barbera. It was not long after he left college, and he was hired for his writing ability, not his cartooning skills, which was a rare event. This first taste of the animated entertainment industry created connections that would help with his Family Guy success, and gave him a other valuable skills.

When Seth MacFarlane was writing for Hanna-Barbera he worked in several different departments. He would work on storyboards one day, then on writing the next. It was a combination of skills that would prove to be useful as he moved into other projects.

While writing for Hanna-Barbera he worked on several childrens shows. They were Dexter’s Laboratory, Cow and Chicken, I Am Weasel, and Johnny Bravo. As time went on he would spend more and more time working on Johnny Bravo, as he found it easier to develop his own style which the script writing allowed.

While working there he formed a friendship with Adam West, who would go onto be Mayor of Quahog, along with many other actors and voice over artists. Seth MacFarlane’s experience at Hanna-Barbera is the reason for many references to some of their more popular cartoons, such as The Flintstones and Jetson’s.


7 Family Guy Was The First Animated Emmy Nominee Since The Flintstones

family guy emmy

When facing off against best comedy at the Emmy’s, Family Guy has some very stiff competition in the animated department. There’s no arguing that The Simpsons is a hugely successful cartoon, and has won many accolades, including Emmy’s. But despite its success, it has never been nominated for best comedy at the awards ceremony. The same can not be said for Family Guy.

When Family Guy was nominated for best comedy series at the Emmy’s in 2009, it was the first time an animated series had been nominated in the category since the Flintstones. Not bad for a show that was cancelled twice.

To date Family Guy has won 7 Emmy’s, but not in the best comedy category, yet…


8 Peter Griffin Wears Womens Shirts

Peter Griffin Wears Womens Shirts

You know, there has always been something a little off with Peter Griffin. Apart from being about as smart as a brick, he has his darn shirt on wrong. Either it is on inside out, or he is wearing shirts designed for a woman. Why do we say this?

A mans shirt is buttoned up with the left side over the right side, but Peters is the other way around, with the right side over the left as women’s shirts are. This is clearly the wrong way for a man, so why is it like that, and how can we tell?

The reason why his shirts are on the wrong way, or that he wears womens shirts may be down to simple drawing mistake by Seth Macfarlane. The way that we can tell that he wears a womans shirt is the buttons are on Peters right side of the seam, as they would be if the shirt was being worn by a woman,

If you don’t believe us, just have a look at some womens shirts.

9 Chris Griffin’s Middle Name Is Cross

Chris Griffin’s Middle Name Is Cross

The eldest son of Peter and Lois Griffin from Family Guy is Chris Griffin. He is a somewhat awkward, dimwitted pubescent 14 year old teenager. While saying that he isn’t that bright, he is often extremely coherent and makes a lot of good points. But during the entire run of the show.

It would come as no surprise to many that the creator and writers of Family Guy like to have fun. Many of the characters have outlandish behaviours and odd names. So it might not come as a surprise to learn that Seth MacFarlane gave Chris Griffin a quirky middle name. His full name is Christopher Cross Griffin, AKA “Chris Cross” Griffin. It is actually paying homage to the singer songwriter of the same name.

Another odd fact about Chris Griffin is that during the course of the show he has only aged one year. What is so strange about that I can hear you ask? His older sister Meg has aged three years.


10 Lois Was Going To Be Blonde

Lois was originally blonde

We are familiar with the red haired Lois Griffin. But did you know that she wasn’t always red haired? When Seth was first working on the show pilot, he decided that Lois would be blonde, but changed her hair color when the show finally aired. It’s also the reason why Chris has blond hair.

All of their children have traits of their parents. Meg has Lois’s nose and mouth, and Peter’s hair and glasses. It’s also clear that Chris has Peter’s build, nose and intelligence, but that hair doesn’t resemble anyone else in the family. But his hair color being blond goes back to the earliest days of the show when Lois was going to be blonde. Seth just didn’t change Chris’s hair when he changed Lois’s hair.

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