The Allies Had A Plot To Give Hitler Estrogen

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hitler estrogen plot

This little plan that was hatched during WWII comes right out of a Get Smart episode. I would say a James Bond film, but that franchise is far too serious for such a hairbrained scheme.  As it turns out, the Allies had a plot to secretly give Hitler estrogen. This was a serious plan that could have resulted in the Fuhrer developing a high pitched voice, breasts, baldness and possible episodes of crying in bed while eating ice cream and chocolates because his dream of an empire would never come to fruition. But the question beckons, why give Hitler estrogen instead of just plotting to kill him?

Come on. This guy had a fortress surrounding him. His followers were fanatical, well trained, and willing to do anything for the demented dictator. Getting within a sparrows fart of him was nigh on impossible, and any attempt always seemed to fail. There was the added problem of better the devil you know. His replacement could have been ten times the tyrant, and worse still, less of a blundering military fool. It was a case of as far as tactics went, the best ally the allies had was Hitler himself. He knew how to fight, and he was a highly decorated corporal, but he was far from a general. When it came to organizing a battle, well, think of it this way. Hitler couldn’t organize sex in a brothel. He was far better alive to the allies than dead.

So this brings us to the estrogen plot for Hitler. It had long been a theory that Hitler may have not been all that masculine. It was thought that if the allies could somehow inject the female sex hormone into his food, which would go undetected to his taste testers, it would change not only his appearance, but also his voice and personality. They hoped that he would lose all credibility with the citizens Germany, and be a figure of ridicule.

They lacked one key ingredient for the plan to work. Access to one of the most guarded men in the world at the time. But they somehow got through to someone. The British secret service made contact with the gardener who grew Hitlers very own vegetables. They managed to persuade him to accept payment for injecting an unknown substance into the Fuhrers food. Over time this would have given him the nudge to womanhood that he needed. But alas, he didn’t change one single bit.

Something was wrong. The estrogen that was being injected in Hitlers food wasn’t changing the man. He should have been bald with some knockers, but nothing. If anything, as time passed by he was becoming more deranged, unpredictable and angry. the kind of thing that someone on testosterone would be doing. It was assumed that the gardener had behaved like an ex-wife. Took as much as he could, while he could, before running. Who could blame him? Had he been caught he would have been shot on the spot. Taking the cash would have resulted in a more luxurious lifestyle. And what could the allies have done? Told on him?

The war lingered on until 1945, with Hitler meddling in his armies planning all the way. He eventually took his own life shortly before the end of the war, which may never have happened if he was a more gentler, delicate soul.


hitler estrogen


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