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The Allies Had a Plot to Give Hitler Estrogen

hitler estrogen plot

This little plan that was hatched during WWII comes right out of a Get Smart episode. I would say a James Bond film, but that franchise is far too serious for such a hairbrained scheme.  As it turns out, the Allies had a plot to secretly give Hitler estrogen. This was a serious plan that could have resulted in the Fuhrer developing a high pitched voice, breasts, baldness and possible episodes of crying in bed while eating ice cream and chocolates because his dream of an empire would never come to fruition. But the question beckons, why give Hitler estrogen instead of just plotting to kill him?

Come on. This guy had a fortress surrounding him. His followers were fanatical, well trained, and willing to do anything for the demented dictator. Getting within a sparrows fart of him was nigh on impossible, and any attempt always seemed to fail. There was the added problem of better the devil you know. His replacement could have been ten times the tyrant, and worse still, less of a blundering military fool. It was a case of as far as tactics went, the best ally the allies had was Hitler himself. He knew how to fight, and he was a highly decorated corporal, but he was far from a general. When it came to organizing a battle, well, think of it this way. Hitler couldn’t organize sex in a brothel. He was far better alive to the allies than dead.

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