14 Amazing Animal Facts You Won’t Believe

1 An Octopus’s Testicles Are Located in Its Head

Octopus's Testicles Are In Its HeadTaking the lead in our amazing animal facts is one of the world’s weirdest creatures. And there’s one feature that makes this animal so weird that it would probably make most people squirm. An octopus’s testicles are located in its head. But to be honest, an octopus is really only head and tentacles. Octopuses are part of the cephalopod family which literally means head-footed.

So why are the octopus’s testicle located in its head?

Behind the octopus’s head and opposite its arms lies its mantle. Inside the mantle are all of the octopus’s vital organs, including its reproductive organs, such as its testicles. Behind its relatively small, but intelligent brain lies its anus, hearts (that is hearts as they have more than one), and sexual organs, in that order. The mantle is made out of a strong muscle structure that protects all of their organs from damage.


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