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14 Amazing Animal Facts You Won’t Believe

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Most of us have participated on a staring contest at some time in our life. But this is one animal you wouldn’t want to challenge to such a contest. That’s because, as we have already mentioned, snakes don’t blink, ever. They don’t blink, and when they sleep they literally do so with their eyes open.

But surely the inability to blink would dry the eyes out as they are constantly exposed to the elements? Not at all. Their eyes are eternally moist, and probably protected better than yours.

No, no snakes posses the ability to blink. Many animals, humans included, have eye lids with small strands of hair that offer protection from dust, wind and other small items that can cause damage or irritation. Snakes eyes are spectacular in that they have a transparent scale that covers the eye protecting it. Not only does this scale offers insurmountable protection from wind and small items such as grass, dust and sand that far exceeds a thin layer of skin, it also retains the moisture for the eyes.


5 A Rhino Horn is Made out of a Hair Like Substance

amazing animal facts

Are rhino horns hair? Well, technically you can say that they are. But then again, you could also say that the hair on the animal is also made out of the horn. Confused? We’ll try to explain.

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