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14 Amazing Things That Animals Can Do You Have to Know About

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Ask any small child and they will tell you that animals are just the coolest things ever. They are cute, sometimes fluffy, and simply adorable. Even the not so lovable creatures, such as flies and ants seem like the most wonderful things in the world to small children. But little do the small kids know that the animals that they find irresistible are even cooler than they thought. So without further ado, here are 25 amazing things animals do that you have to know.

1 Some Frogs Have Poisonous Skin

amazing things that animals can do

Taking us into this list of amazing things animals do are the cute looking, but extremely toxic frogs from South America that have poisonous skin.

There’s a frog in South America that was once used for hunting. It is known as a poison dart frog. The natives of South America used the toxins from the skin on blow darts to kill what they were hunting. The deadliest of these frogs, the golden poison frog has enough toxins to kill 10 to 20 people. But the weird thing is that the poison isn’t natural to them and is acquired.

An ant would eat a root of a plant and would in turn get eaten by another insect. For example, the frog would then eat that second insect. The poison would get passed along through all of the animals until it reached the frog and would then get excreted through its skin.


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