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Mon. Oct 14th, 2019

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16 Strange but True Legal Facts, the Odd Things That Have Occurred in Legal Circles

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If there is one thing that can be peculiar, it’s the law. From weird laws to utterly humorous events, the law has something for everyone. But sometimes things can be so wacky that they make us all stand up and pay attention. So with no more ado, here are 16 strange but true legal facts, or things that have actually happened in the legal world.

1 The US Government Poisoned Alcohol During Prohibition


Leading our list of strange but true legal facts is the case of poisoning alcohol during Prohibition.

Prohibition was one of the most unpopular laws that has ever been introduced into the United States. The law made it illegal to sell, manufacture, posses, transport, import or export any alcohol, unless it was prescribed. The aim of prohibition was to reduce social problems and reduce the risk of exposure to alcohol related problems. While the intentions sounded noble,  in reality is was disgracefully unpopular, and alcohol was still widely available.

Despite the almost blanket ban on alcoholic products in the US, it was still widely available through speakeasies, in international waters only three miles offshore, and by those who risked home brewing. Those who did try the home brew method faced the consequence of alcoholic poisoning if they didn’t distill their spirits correctly. And this did happen quite frequently. but even though unintentional alcoholic poisoning did happen, it pales into insignificance compared to what the government did to try and curb the sale and consumption of alcohol during this period.

During prohibition in the US, a lot of the alcohol the bootleggers got was from industrial sources, such as paint thinners and medical supplies. To combat this use, the US government ordered the manufacturers to lace the products with a deadly poison. It is thought that by the end of prohibition 10,000 people had died from the poisoning at the hands of their own government.

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