14 Unforgettable Records That You Will Not Believe

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When it comes to amazing feats, sometimes there are unforgettable records that will stay with us for an eternity. From natural human achievements to weird natural phenomenons, the world never ceases to deliver some truly unforgettable records.

1 The Shortest Woman Ever

shortest woman ever
Pauline Musters is on the left, Lucia Zarate is on the right

To begin our list of unforgettable records we will look at a disputed record. The shortest woman to ever live.

In a lot of cases when it comes down to records in height and weight there is little reason for dispute. In a lot of cases the claimants have been officially measured using observers and official documents. But in this instance something went awry, and now a disputed claim has risen. What makes it so interesting is that the claimant to the title has photographic evidence. So with no further ado we will tell you who the official shortest woman ever was, and then the the rival claim. We will let you decide.

Officially the shortest woman ever was Pauline Musters who stood 58 cm (23 inches) tall. When she died in 1876 at the age of 19 she measured exactly 61 cm tall.

Unofficially the shortest woman was Lucia Zarate who was said to have stood 51 cm (21 inches) tall. She holds the record for the lightest recorded adult weighing 2.1kg (4.7lb).

The current shortest woman alive is Indian actress Jyoti Amge who stands 63 cm high.

But that’s nothing compared to the shortest man.

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2 The Shortest Man Alive Isn’t Even 2 Feet Tall


We’ve just read about the shortest woman ever, and how amazingly short both the title holder and the official record holder are. But while the unofficial record holder was very short indeed, unfortunately her height was never verified, and the official title holder was just undertwo feet in height. But when compared to the shortest man, well Pauline musters was a towering figure.

The shortest ever recorded man is Chandra Bahadur Dangi from Nepal who stands only 54.6 cm (1 ft 9 in) tall. Dangi is a primordial dwarf, which is the smallest kind of dwarf.


Imagine the sight when he met this next fellow.

3 The Tallest Man Alive

On 13 November 2014, thew shortest man in the world got to meet the tallest man in the world, Sultan Kösen, in London. It was part of Guinness World Records Day. So could you for a moment imagine the height difference between the pair? One stood a diminutive 54.6 cm (1 ft 9 in), and the other, Sultan Kösen, the tallest man in the world alive stood a towering 2.51 m (8 ft 3 in).

But if you think that his current height is amazing, he could have been much taller. In 2012 doctors announced that they had successfully treated his pituitary tumor and had halted his growth.


He would have been an almost perfect match for the tallest woman.

4 The Tallest Woman Ever

zeng jinlian Tallest Woman Ever

Standing just 2 cm shorter that the current title holder of tallest man alive is the tallest woman ever.

The tallest woman ever recorded was Zeng Jinlian who stood 249 cm (8 feet, 1.75 inches) tall at the time of her death in 1982 at the age of 17. She also holds the record for being the only woman to surpass a height of 8 feet or more.

But compared to the next guy, both Sultan Kösenand Zeng Jinlian were small.


5 The Tallest Man Ever Was Robert Wadlow.

The tallest man to ever live was Robert Wadlow who was born February 22, 1918. How tall was he? He reached 2.72 m (8 ft 11.1 in) in height and weighed 199 kg (439 lb).

Due to the extreme stress his giant body put on his organs, he died at the very young age of 22.

His abnormal growth was due to hyperplasia of his pituitary gland which produced abnormal amounts of human growth hormone. Had he not died when he did at 22, he surely would have continued growing. He is seen standing next to his father here who is of normal height, 1.82 m (5 ft 11 1⁄2 in).


6 The Fattest Man Alive

 Fattest Man Alive

Sometimes, well a lot of the time, instead of growing upwards, people grow outwards. And occasionally this outward growth can lead to records of their won.

The fattest man alive is Kenneth Brumley who weighed 468 kg (1,035 pounds) at his peak. He lost 76 kg (167.5 pounds) after being admitted to hospital for his morbid obesity. Firefighters had to break down a wall in his house to get him out.


But once again, the current record holder falls well short of the all time achievement.

7 The Fattest Man Ever


The fattest man to ever live was Jon Brower Minnoch who tipped the scales at 634 kg (1400 lb, 100 stone). His excessive weight was caused not by over eating, but by edema, which is an accumulation of fluid within the body. He also holds the record for the most weight lost at 419 kg (924 lb).


8 The Oldest Monarchy In Europe

Oldest Monarchy In Europe

No, we’re not talking about old people here. We’re talking about continuous linage.

The oldest Monarchy in Europe is the Danish royal family. The Monarchy of Denmark was founded by the Viking kings Gorm the Old and Harald Bluetooth (I wonder if he also had WIFI?) in the tenth century. The Monarchy of Denmark includes Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. The current Royal House is a branch of the princely family of Glücksburg, which is originally from Schleswig-Holstein in Germany, and is the same royal house as the Norwegian and former Greek royal families.

Denmark is a constitutional Monarchy, much like that of the royal family in the United Kingdom. They have the power to install and dismiss governments, as well as the right to decide if they will give royal assent to any laws of the government. The Monarch rarely exercises any of the powers given to it and its current role is more of a ceremonial one.


9 The Movie With The Most F Words


In 2005 a documentary was produced called , well, it begins with the “f” word and is only 4 letters long, that had more uses of the word “f” word than any other film in history. It was directed by Steve Anderson and it contains a total of 857 “f” words, which is about 9.52 hell words a minute. Had it been broadcast uncensored it would have accumulated a total of $200 million in fines.

The film was a documentary exploring the the origin of the word, why it offends so much and what can be learned from its use.


10 The 300% Mortality Surgery, The Most People Killed In One Surgery


Doctor Robert Liston is the only surgeon to kill three people in the one operation. He achieved this during an amputation of a leg. So how could one surgeon kill three people in one operation?

Dr Liston mainly operated during a time when there was no anaesthesia. For the patient to have the best chance of survival following an amputation it required the surgeon to be fast. He was considered to be the fastest knife in the west.

During this fateful operation he removed a mans leg in only 21minutes. But in his haste he amputated the finger of one of his assistants and slashed the coat of a spectator. The spectator died on the spot from freight. The amputee and the accidental amputee died a few days from hospital gangrene, leaving this as the only operation in history to have a 300% mortality rate.

Also worth noting, Dr Liston also amputated a leg of another man in only 212 minutes, but in his eagerness accidentally removed the poor man’s balls. He also reportedly removed a 45-pound scrotal tumour from another man in only 4 minutes, and in another case involving a small child he lanced what he believed to be an abscess of the skin, but, as another surgeon believed, it was a dangerous aneurism of the carotid artery. The boy died, but the artery is now on display at University College Hospital pathology museum. It is specimen No. 1256.

Apart from these poor examples of his operations he was a world leader during his time, and thanks to his speed saved many lives. He is also credited with performing Europe’s first surgery under modern anaesthesia utilising ether, on 21 December 1846 at the University College Hospital. He died on December 7, 1847 at the age of 53.


11 Longest Echo In The World

The longest echo in the world is inside the Hamilton Mausoleum, South Lanarkshire, Scotland. The acoustics and design of the mausoleum make for a remarkably long echo. Another fascinating feature, besides it being the worlds longest echo is that the mausoleum also has whispering walls. Two people can actually stand on opposite ends inside the structure, face the wall, and when whispering they can hold a conversation. The acoustics of the walls carry the sound around to the other person.

Watch the above video for the worlds longest echo in action.

The Hamilton Mausoleum is the resting place for the Dukes of Hamilton. It stands on the grounds of the now demolished Hamilton Palace. Construction began in 1842 and it stands a remarkable 37 metres (123 feet) tall.


12 The Worlds Shortest And Longest Scheduled Flights

The worlds shortest scheduled flight is between Westray and Papa Westray, two Scottish Islands. The total distance of the flight is a mere 2.7 kilometres (1.7 miles) and can be completed in as little as 47 seconds if the wind is blowing in the right direction. See the full flight in the video below, then keep reading for the longest flight.

In contrast, the worlds longest scheduled flight is between Newark and Singapore with a total distance of 15,345 Kilometres (9,535 miles), with a flight time of 18 hours 40 minutes. This flight is scheduled to be terminated in November 2013 which will leave Sydney to Dallas as the longest flight which is 13,804 Kilometres (8,578 miles), with a flight time of 15 hours and 25 minutes. The longest flight time wise will be from Johannesburg to Atlanta which takes 16 hours and 55 minutes, even though the distance is less than the Sydney – Dallas flight. The distance of the Johannesburg – Atlanta flight is 13,582 Kilometres (8,439 miles).

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13 The Worlds Most Viewed Photo

the world's most view photo

In the time since the very first photograph was developed there have probably been trillions of photos taken the world over. Some photos became managed to become famous and gained a reputation. So what is the worlds most viewed photo?

The answer might surprise you. The photo was taken by a professional photographer, that much is certain, but what is it of? You would probably think it is a photo from war, such as “Burning Monk – Self Immolation” taken during the Vietnam war in 1963, Raising the US flag on Iwo Jima, or the Tienanmen Square Massacre, but you’d be wrong. Perhaps it could be of a disaster such as the Sudan famine of 1994, or the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995 with a fire fighter holding a dying infant, but you’d be wrong again. Maybe then it is a world figure such as Marilyn Munroe, Adolf Hitler, Abraham Lincoln or John F Kennedy, bit alas it is not them either. It is a picture of a landscape you have probably seen hundreds of times and never paid much attention to it.

The image is called “Bliss” and was taken by Charles O’Rear in January 1998. The right to the image were bought by Microsoft, reportedly for the second highest licence price ever for a photo, and used in it’s operating system Microsoft XP in 2002. So you have probably seen the photograph before, but never paid much attention to it.


14 Britain Has Invaded 90% Of The Worlds Countries

unforgettable records

This is an enviable record for deranged leaders who have plotted to conquer and dominate the world. Britain has invaded nearly every country in the world.

An author has worked out that Britain has invaded 90% of the worlds countries. He worked this out by classing “invasion” as some sort of military presence in the country. This could include force or even payment such as was the case with Hong Kong. Using the same formula the United Stated of America has invaded 80% of the worlds countries.



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