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14 Unforgettable Records That You Will Not Believe

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When it comes to amazing feats, sometimes there are unforgettable records that will stay with us for an eternity. From natural human achievements to weird natural phenomenons, the world never ceases to deliver some truly unforgettable records.

1 The Shortest Woman Ever

shortest woman ever
Pauline Musters is on the left, Lucia Zarate is on the right


To begin our list of unforgettable records we will look at a disputed record. The shortest woman to ever live.

In a lot of cases when it comes down to records in height and weight there is little reason for dispute. In a lot of cases the claimants have been officially measured using observers and official documents. But in this instance something went awry, and now a disputed claim has risen. What makes it so interesting is that the claimant to the title has photographic evidence. So with no further ado we will tell you who the official shortest woman ever was, and then the the rival claim. We will let you decide.

Officially the shortest woman ever was Pauline Musters who stood 58 cm (23 inches) tall. When she died in 1876 at the age of 19 she measured exactly 61 cm tall.

Unofficially the shortest woman was Lucia Zarate who was said to have stood 51 cm (21 inches) tall. She holds the record for the lightest recorded adult weighing 2.1kg (4.7lb).

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