You Can Not Block Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook

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block mark zuckerberg on facebook

This is fun. Did you know that you can not block Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook? Try it and see what happens. It’s a cute little quirk on the world’s largest social network that many people may not know about. But why can’t you block Mark Zuckerberg? Is it CEO vanity, a geeky joke, or is it something else altogether?

About one in every six people around have a Facebook account. Some are overly addicted to the network, nearly living and breathing it every minute of the day,while others use it only occasionally. For all of the good it has done around the world, it can also have a dark side. Such examples include the unexpected massive parties that are ruined by gate crashers, and stalkers. As a social network it has the ability uncanny ability to promote anti-social behavior. But rest assured, there’s a fail safe mechanism for all users. The block feature.

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As nearly all Facebook users already know, if you feel the desire to prevent another Facebook user from having anything to do with you, you can block them completely from your account. They will not be able to contact you, see anything you post, and it will be likewise for you. IT really assists with the online stalkers. But what if the person you need to block is Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg? What if he is stalking you and you must take action? The bad news is that you will most likely have to close your entire account because Mark Zuckerberg can not be blocked on Facebook.

Why can’t Mark Zuckerberg be blocked on Facebook?

I bet you are thinking it was a fun little twist he threw into the code somewhere for a laugh, or it is some kind of superiority complex. No, sorry to disappoint. Perhaps it has something to do with him essentially owning the site and having ultimate power to do whatever he wants on it? Well he does, but that’s not the reason either. The reason that you can not block Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook is because of a security feature on the site to protect users.

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As you know, blocking users on Facebook is quick and simple. There’s practically no effort involved. The problem with such a simple feature is that it is open to abuse, especially on such a popular site such as Facebook where something can become viral within minutes. The kind people at Facebook decided to not only protect the people who want to block, but also the people being blocked. They placed limits on how many people could block any individual to protect them. This is what happened to Zuck. There was no hidden joke, just business as usual.

Going back a few years, Facebook altered their user privacy policy. Turns out that it wasn’t all that popular. A movement built up to mass block Mark Zuckerberg in protest at the privacy policy. Once the bulk blocks started to come, the algorithm kicked in and protected him from any further blocks.

If you try to block him you eill only get an error message. We tried before posting and couldn’t complete the block.

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