13 Amazing Facts About Musicians You Have to Know

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8 Why Doesn’t Glee Have Any Guns ‘N’ Roses Music?

Why Doesn’t Glee Have Any Guns ‘N’ Roses Music

For fans of Glee they may have noticed that there has never been any music from Guns ‘N’ Roses. At first sight it would appear to be a snub to one of the greatest heavy metal bands that the world has ever had. However, the snub wasn’t by Glee, it was by Guns ‘N’ Roses. Well, not the complete band, just one member in particular.

The reason why there is no Guns ‘N’ Roses music in Glee is because of Slash, real name Saul Hudson. Slash absolutely refuses to allow any of the bands music to appear on the show, but why? You may think his decision has to do with money, but it doesn’t.  He had previously allowed his likeness to appear on Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. So what is the reason that he has for not allowing his bands music from being on the second rate show?

The reason is, like most people you either love Glee, or hate it. Slash just happens to hate the show, so will not allow the music to appear on it. When Fox approached him to use Guns ‘N’ Roses music on one episode he completely refused saying, “Glee is worse than Grease and Grease is bad enough.”

Fair enough, fair enough.


9 Stevie Wonder Has Won The Most Grammys

musician facts

If I were to ask you to name musicians that are the most successful in their industry, who would you pick? Over the course of recent history, say the last 50 years or so, there are plenty of people that could be serious contenders. Frank Sinatra comes to mind, so too does Elvis Presley and Beyonce. Then there are the bands, which can include the Beatles, Guns and Roses and Aerosmith, all of which we have already mentioned, and AC/DC just to name a few. The list of possible legendary artists is endless. But when it comes to the Grammy’s, would you believe that Stevie Wonder has won the most awards?

The holder of the title for most Grammy wins by a solo artist belongs to Stevie Wonder. He has won 28, plus a Lifetime Achievement award.

Now that’s quite an achievement, and when you compare it to someone like Elvis Presley it becomes even more spectacular.

The King, Elvis Presley never won a Grammy in a top category. He did win the first of three in the Gospel music category in 1967, and a lifetime achievement award in 1971. While he did win three on merit, gospel music is anything but a top category.

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10 Will Smith Has Won A Grammy

Will Smith Has Won A Grammy

Well the Grammy’s just never fail to surprise. From Elvis only winning awards for gospel music, to Stevie Wonder being the most successful individual artist, I am seriously surprised. But as we have already seen, sometimes judges can make the right call, like they did with Justin Bieber, and sometimes they can make the wrong call, like Decca Records. But unlike the Decca catastrophe, a Grammy award is hardly going to cost anyone anything, but they can still surprise, just like they did when I discovered that Will Smith has won a Grammy.

Not only is Will Smith a great actor but he has also won a Grammy. He actually won the first Grammy for a Rap Performance with DJ Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince in 1989.


11 Beethoven Was Deaf And Still Composing Music

Beethoven Was Deaf composing

Time to travel back to the future, past, you know, back in history. This time we are looking at one of the most accomplished classical musicians and composers that ha ever lived, Ludwig van Beethoven.

Ludwig van Beethoven was a spectacular man. He was talented beyond belief. Many of his works are instantly recognizable today, even with the emergence of instant and cheap music. Part of the reason for this is the level of skill and complexity that he put into his music. He was nothing short of a genius. Which is possibly the reason that he was still composing music when he was completely deaf. Yep, that’s right, Beethoven was deaf and still composing music.

One of the greatest composers in history was completely deaf 13 years before his death. Beethoven suffered from tinnitus, a ringing in his ears. He first noticed some loss by the time he was 26. He continued to compose music with no hearing at all. But how?

To compose music you don’t have to hear it. A piece of music has structure, and can only be constructed using a set structure and method. It’s like a computer game. There are many ways to finish it, but if you don’t do it correctly you will fail. That’s what Beethoven did. He used the mechanics of music to continue to compose even though he would never be able to hear his own music, which is pretty sad if you ask me.


12 Paul McCartney Can Be Heard Reading In The Background Of A Simpsons Episode


Paul McCartney is one of the Beatles, and since the breakup of the band he has made a successful career for himself. Even though the degree of success as a sole artist has been varying and not as great as his days as a member of the band, it has been a good one. And as a sole artist he can make guest appearances on television shows if he chooses, and the Simpsons was one of them.

You know that you have made it as a celebrity if you are asked to be on the Simpsons. Just about every big name star has had a guest spot, and Paul and his late wife, Linda McCartney were among them in the episode, “Lisa the Vegetarian.”

In that episode Lisa becomes a vegetarian after visiting a farm. She is disgusted at the thought of eating meat, and feels it is her moral duty to stop everyone eating meat. As she is failing she meets Paul and Linda McCartney who convince her to allow people to make their own conscience decision regarding the eating of meat.

That wasn’t the extent of their guest appearance on the show. During the closing credits of “Lisa the Vegetarian,” where Paul McCartney sings “Maybe I’m Amazed,” you may hear a voice in the background. If you play it backwards you will hear Paul McCartney reading a recipe for lentil soup.


13 John Lennon’s Last Photo Was With His Assassin

John Lennons Last Photo Was With His Assassin march chapman

This has to be one of the saddest moments in the history of music. The death of John Lennon on December 8, 1980, at the hands of Mark David Chapman. What makes this moment so eerie is that the two people met only hours before he killed the former Beatle.

One of the last known photo of John Lennon also contains his assassin (see picture above). On the day of his death Mark David Chapman handed Lennon a copy of his album to be signed. At the same time a photographer who was showing Lennon some recent photo’s decided to take a few quick photos of him and one of them caught Chapman. 7 hours later Chapman would kill Lennon.


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