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13 Amazing Facts About Musicians You Have to Know

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Famous children’s entertainers from Australia, The Wiggles, are mostly considered as a four member band. But did you know that they originally started out as a five member ensemble? Phillip Wilcher was a founding member of the kids band and appeared on the cover of their first album. He departed the band in 1991 before they became famous. The reason behind his departure vary but he has been compared to The Beatles’ Pete Best who left that group just before they became famous.

If you think that the comparison between Phillip Wilcher and Pete Best is a long bow to draw, but consider this. The Wiggles have consistently topped the earnings for Australian recording artist for years. And there have been some very high earning world famous musicians during the same time. It was kind of a big mistake by Phillip.


3 Origin Of The Wiggles Finger Wag

Wiggles Finger Wag

So we know that the Wiggles used to have five members, would you like to know why they wag their fingers? It all has to do with their own security.

According to Paul Piddick, who plays Captain Feathersword The Friendly Pirate, it was a decision to avoid any litigation. What litigation? Well, for a group of men who predominately work with children any accusation of inappropriate behavior would spell the end of the band, and likely prison time for the accused. So does it work?

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