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Tue. Oct 15th, 2019

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20 Ridiculous but True Facts No One Will Believe

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To help prevent unintentional deaths, and to ensure a spectacle for the crowd, the gladiators had a referee who controlled the fight. This referee also had an assistant to help. The gladiator referee would pause fights and allow gladiators to refresh, have a drink or a rub down. He would also break up the combatants at crucial points in the match. He even had the ability to stop a match completely. It was the gladiator referee who controlled nearly all aspects of the match, and had a lot of discretion on the final outcome. If a gladiator had had enough of the fight he would signal his retirement, but it was up to the referee whether or not he would accept it.


2 A Chimp In Russia Had To Go Into Rehab Because It Developed A Drinking Problem

Chimp In Russia Had To Go Into Rehab

Addictions and substance abuse in the human world are not a new thing, and unfortunately, not that uncommon. But in the animal kingdom it’s a relatively unheard of occurrence. But sometimes it can happen, and humans are the culprits behind the unnatural addiction. As in the case of Zhora, a chimp in a Russian Zoo that was sent to rehab for an alcohol addiction. You see, Zhora developed a serious drinking and smoking problem when zoo visitors kept giving him too many treats. The end result was the chimp had to be sent to rehab.

The zoo keepers and officials tried their best to prevent the patrons from rewarding the chimp, however all of their attempts were in vain. They asked people not to give Zhora treats, and he was also kept behind three rows of fences, but visitors still managed to get cigarettes and alcohol into him.

Zhora, the chimp was transferred to another zoo for rehab treatment.

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