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Thu. Feb 20th, 2020

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25 Bizarre Facts You Have to See to Believe

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Well, here’s a list of 25 bizarre facts that a lot of people just won’t believe until they have read them for themselves. Surprise and inspire your friends with some totally useless information from these facts. From the quirky to the surreal, this list of bizarre facts is simply astounding. Now, begin your journey through our list and discover something new today.

1 Better Dead Than Red Was First Used By The Nazis

who first said better dead than red

Have you ever wondered who first said better dead than red? Well if you are a fan of the saying, and also have a deep seated hatred of the Nazi’s, you better pick a new slogan to chant.

The anti-communist phrase “better dead than Red” had its origins in NAZI Germany. While it was extensively used during the cold war to show resentment towards the communist ideals, better dead than red was first said by German propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels to motivate the German population to resist the Russian army.

The German version of the phrase coined by Goebbels was “Besser tot als rot”.

So that’s who first said better dead than red. Not a patriotic, capitalist freedom fighting American.

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