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12 Strangest Discoveries, Inventions and Creations Ever

We people are a creative lot. Our imagination has allowed us to see inspiration and opportunity where there my not have been any. From music to art and invention, we have truly started to master the word which surrounds us. But from time to time the creativity of some people give rather unique results, and we can best describe these as the strangest discoveries, inventions and creations that we have come across.

1 A Man May Have Discovered The Elixir Of Youth

Strangest Discoveries, Inventions And Creations Ever

Has this man found the fountain of youth? A Scottish grandfather has managed to turn a genetic disorder into an elixir of youth. Reggie Myles of Clackmannanshire, Scotland was suffering from a rare disease, porphyria cutanea tarda. It is a subtype of porphyritic disease characterised by onycholysis (nails detaching from fingers) and blistering of the skin. In Reggies case the disease was caused by a build up of iron in the liver that laid dormant until middle age.

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