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Sat. Oct 19th, 2019

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9 Coolest and Strangest Places to Visit Before You Die

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Vanuatu Post has released 2 stamps commemorating the worlds first underwater post office.


4 Giant Slides Installed At Munich University

I want to go here, now. If scuba diving isn’t for you, and you want to relive parts of your childhood, you have to make a visit to Munich University. The reason is because of their amazing installation of slides instead of stairs, elevators and escalators.

Now I admit that this would be fun. A university in Munich, Germany has installed giant slides for its students to ride down instead of stairs or elevators. All they need to do now at the Technical university is make the slides work in reverse, so you can avoid the walk back to the top again.


5 Socotra Island – The Alien Island On Earth

One word, beautiful.

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