9 Weird Things in Wheres Waldo You Never Knew Were There

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6 A Transvestite in “Having a Ball in Gaye Paree,” Find Waldo Now

Man Dressed In DragThis scene shows Waldo in a Paris ball in 1870 mixing it with the upper classes, surrounded by party animals drunk on French wine. There are also burlesque dancers and statues that come to life to mess with the guests. All of this is fairly common place within Handford’s books, but just one solitary figure beggars the difficult question. There’s a bearded man dressed in drag forcing children to ask their parents the difficult questions sooner than they would have obviously liked.


7 An Aztec Human Sacrifice in “The Last Days of the Aztecs,” Find Waldo Now

Aztec SacrificeThis scene departed a little from fun to make way for historical accuracy. It saw the title character in the last days of the Aztec empire, in particular during a human sacrifice. While most of us would be absolutely shocked to witness a human sacrifice, Waldo cheerfully walks around the slaughter with a smile on his dial. Thankfully for Wado, and the readers, the Aztecs had no interest in offering his heart to the gods.


8 Waldo’s Topless Mermaid Orgy in “The Deep Sea Divers,” The Great Waldo Search

Topless MermaidsThings in the Waldo books were beginnings to tame down quite a bit by the time The Great Waldo Search came out, but Handford still managed to keep his trademark topless mermaids in the picture. He kept the sensitive parts covered enough to guarantee the books remained in circulation. The thought of mermaids being topless isn’t exactly a Waldo trademark. Mermaids have traditionally been depicted in that pose. But on the top of the mountain, in the middle of a topless mermaid orgy, is none other than Waldo. What a lucky guy.


9 Man About to Be Raped By a Lion in “Fun and Games in Ancient Rome,” Find Waldo Now

Furry Cosplay ConsequenceThis has to be the best scene, even surpassing that of the controversial topless woman. It’s set in a bloody Roman arena with a gladiator dressed in a lions pelt about to slay his opponent. But behind him is obviously a male lion that is turned on by his pelt, and is about to rape him.


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