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9 Weird Things in Wheres Waldo You Never Knew Were There

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2 The Sex Boat in “Campsite,” Where’s Waldo

Buff Guy Love Boat

To an adult this scene seems harmless, but remember the targeted audience. It shows fit and tough guys parading on a boat with little more than a modest covering where it matters, and the wives and girlfriends willingly running from their husbands to catch a ride, in more ways than one, with the muscled hunks on board. It isn’t perhaps the best example to set young children.


3 Portraits of a Man Whose Bicep Exploded in “The Museum,” Where’s Waldo

Great Muscle Popping
Paintings in the Where’s Waldo books are somewhat of a trademark of the work by Handford. Some of the best, and most memorable paintings he includes are of those that feature a sequence of paintings that come to life and interact with each other. This series of portraits is an exceptionally amusing and memorable one. It shows a happy man flexing his biceps until they explode, and then clearly crying at the sight of his ruined bicep. It’s really like he asked Gregg Valentino for a personal portrait for the scene.


4 Some People Getting Tortured in “The Museum,” Where’s Waldo

people gettig tortured wheres waldoNow torture is an historical fact, and where best to witness its horrors than in a museum? Where’s Waldo books have a bit of a tradition of depicting pain and suffering in the scenes, but few are as disturbing as this one. Not only are the people part of the exhibit and being tormented, but the long white beards suggest that they have been there for quite some time. Being employed in those roles surely would warrant a higher rate of pay.

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