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Attila the Hun Died of a Nosebleed

attila the hun died of nosebleed

Of all of the ways in which to go, this would have to be one of the less ceremonial ways, especially for a ruler renowned for his leadership and ferocity. The scourge of Rome in the 5th century, Attila the Hun died of a nosebleed. This kind of reminds me of the episode in the Simpsons where Ralph is talking to Lisa. “The doctor told me I wouldn’t have so many nosebleeds if I just kept my finger out of there.” While this was the cause of the many nosebleeds of poor Ralph Wigum, and countless young children around the world, the same can not be said about Attila the Hun. His very untimely death was a little more complicated than a finger up the nose.

Attila the Hun was the ruler of the Hunnic Empire from 434 until his death in 453. His empire covered much of Eastern Europe and the Southern parts of modern day Russia. They were a constant pain for the Eastern Roman Empire, and other empires that bordered their own. They were, without a doubt, a real force to be reckoned with. But for all their glory on the battlefield, it was the inglorious death of Attila that is most intriguing.

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