Earlobes And Nipples Do Not Line Up

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earlobes nipples line up

So I was looking through an app on my phone recently about “interesting facts”, which turned out to be factoids, and one of the factoids was that your earlobes line up with your nipples. Now, as you can imagine the first thing I tried to do was look down, and then to the left and right. My field of view and perception at first seemed to confirm this rather unique fact. It looked like my earlobes and nipples actually lined up perfectly. But then I investigated further.

Not wanting to confirm or deny a fact without first finding out if it was true or not, I quickly headed to my bedroom to look in a mirror without my shirt on. After several moments of self admiration I decided to start a quick experiment. I drew a virtual line down the mirror, which wasn’t all that definitive. So next thing to do was draw a physical line, while staying as still as possible an maintaining a true aspect of the alignment. Well guess what I discovered? It turns out that this factoid is a total fabrication. But then again, maybe I’m just a little weird and deformed. To prove something either true or false I had to replicate the results.

So I went to my wife and told her to remove her top, for science (nice try, huh?) So after a little persuasion, begging and house work, she remained the prude. So a little more begging, and I finally got to take the all important measurement. Holy hell, two for two. This fact looked totally busted. But I wanted to bury the fact that earlobes and nipples line up once and for all. So I headed for Google.

Conducting one of the more interesting and fun image searches I have in a while, my results were replicating over and over again. They were just not lining up. Not once. Even Stewie Griffin from Family Guy, with his wide head, didn’t line up like the fact says. They do come close though, and this was also the same case in both me and my wife. The nipples seem to line up with the outer part of the ear much more closely than the earlobes.

I wasn’t able to ascertain exactly when this false factoid first appeared, but it really isn’t necessary. All that was needed was a quick look at a mirror, and a few other people to see if there was any truth at all to the often mentioned fact. Once the results had been replicated, it was proven.



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