Beetles Song All My Loving Played When John Lennon Died

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Late on the evening of December 8, 1980, John Lennon was shot four times with a .38 service revolver by Mark David Chapman. He was shot with hollow point bullets, which flatten out and fragment on impact. The damage caused from these kind of bullets make it almost impossible to save a life if any vital organs are in the way of the fragmented pieces. John Lennon’s death was recorded as hypovolemic shock, caused by the loss of more than 80% of his blood volume.

The untimely death of John Lennon can be described as nothing short of a tragedy. He was a tireless campaigner for peace and love, yet he found his demise in a violent fashion at the hands of deranged man. His death shook the world, and for those who were alive at the time, they can recall where they were and what they were doing when they heard the news of his death, much like those who heard of the death of JFK and Princess Dianna. It would appear that more than one strange coincidence, or unexplained events occurred when he died. One strange coincidence was that one of the last photos of John Lennon ever taken had his assassin in it. The other was even more eerie.

The surgeon at the hospital who was attempting to treat John Lennon for his fatal wounds reported, along with several other witnesses, that at the time John Lennon was declared dead The Bettles song, All My Loving came over the hospital’s sound system.



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