Clint Eastwood Survived A Plane Crash In 1951

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clint eastwood plane crash

In 1951 Clint Eastwood survived a plane crash that should have killed him. But not only did he survive the impact with the ocean, he then swam over three miles, along with the pilot of the downed aircraft to safety. This of course all happened before he was famous, but showed that his persona on screen is just a reflection of his real self.

Clint Eastwood is one of the most respected people in the entertainment industry today. He rose to stardom most famously for his numerous roles in western films. But it didn’t take long for the entertainment industry, and fans alike to recognize that he was a man of multiple talents. Before long he started to expand his acting repertoire, appearing in a more diverse range of roles. But even though he was nominated for several Oscars for his acting, it was as a director that his true talent shone through. He has won 4 Academy Awards for directing and producing. But we may never have ever known anything about him if he weren’t so tough.

In 1951 Eastwood was drafted into the army, temporarily ruining his short-term dream of completing a university degree at Seattle University. When he enrolled, he was sent to Fort Ord in California where he was made a lifeguard and swimming instructor. Certainly not a bad life, because he could have been sent to Korea. But avoiding battle could still have ended his life, for later that very same year he was involved in a plane crash.

After spending a weekend with his parents in Seattle, Washington, Eastwood was hitching a ride back to base on a Douglas AD bomber. This aircraft ran out of fuel and crashed into the ocean near Point Reyes. I guess someone forgot to tell the pilot that “E” does not mean enough. Both the pilot and Clint Eastwood survived the plane crash. Before the aircraft sank, they swam a grueling 3 miles (5 kilometers) to safety. This amazing feat only reinforces the tough as guts image that we have all grown to admire.


clint eastwood plane crash


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