Book Predicted Titanic Sinking 14 Years Before The Event

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When the unsinkable Titanic sank on April 15, 1912 it shook the world, but the events of the Titanic may have been unwittingly predicted fourteen years earlier. An American author of the late 19th and early 20th century by the name of Morgan Robertson, published a book  called Futility in 1898 that had eerie similarities with the tragic events of 1912.

Titanic Was Predicted

Was this book really a prediction of Titanic or just coincidence?

We will let you decide after you finish reading. The book by Robertson was about a giant passenger ship called the SS Titan. In the book the ship is traversing the North Atlantic when it strikes an iceberg and sinks with the loss of almost everyone on board. But the uncanny predictions of the Titanic go even further in this book. Robertson’s Titan, like the ill fated Titanic also had insufficient life rafts. The Titanic had a total of 20, while the Titan had 24, and both carried less than half of the total number of passengers and crew. Both ships sank in April, while they were attempting to set a new speed record.  You guessed it, both were deemed unsinkable. But that isn’t the end of the Titanic predictions 14 years before the tragedy. Both ships had a triple screw propeller, and take a look at the picture of the cover. The Titan looks surprisingly similar to the Titanic.

But wait, we have more Titanic predictions from this book published 14 years prior to the events.

I bet you already know how the fictional ship sank. That’s right. It sank when it hit an iceberg in the northern Atlantic. When it struck the iceberg the Titan was travelling at 25 knots, while the Titanic was moving at 22.5 knots. We have one more final Titanic prediction. The fictional ship sank with the loss of more than half of its 2500 passengers drowning, while the real ship went down with the loss of more than half of its 2200 passengers and crew losing their lives.

It is almost as if instead of being an amazing and surreal prediction of Titanic’s maiden voyage, it is a retelling of the awful fate, only 14 years before it happened. Now that is amazing!



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