The World’s Biggest Pimple On A Human, Is It A Real Pimple?

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worlds biggest pimple

When it comes to the numerous claims for the world’s biggest pimple on a human, the internet seems to be filled with claimants. Most of the claims appear to be on video sharing site YouTube, of which we have our own channel filled with cool and interesting facts from our own site. While these are certainly as large as they are grotesque, are they really real pimples? I mean, they do look like an over-sized zit, but the amount of pus erupting from them seems hardly possible for something that is normally so very small.

Well, if you dare to look below this post and take a look at just a few of the videos posted online of of these huge, gushing monstrosities, you’ll notice a few things in common. Most claim to be the world’s biggest pimple on a human, and they are also sickening to look at. But as we have asked, are they pimples? It would appear that they are not pimples, and therefor cannot claim to be the largest. This is because a pimple is under 5 mm in width. Beyond that in size they are no longer regarded as a normal pimple. So if they are not zits, what are they?

These pus filled blemishes are called cystic pimples. While they normally form the same way as normal pimples do, with the ducts becoming clogged and infected, these infections go way beyond that into the extreme territory. The infection becomes so intense that they form an abscess, and are therefor no longer a true pimple. Even though they would have at one stage been a pimple, the untreated infection leads to much greater problem for the bearer, and a seriously painful skin infection.

So what is the world’s largest pimple on a human? It’s hard to say with any degree of certainty. Looking online and through the Guinness Book of World Records, which is the definitive guide to all kinds of records in the world, has failed to deliver any real sign of a title holder. This is perhaps because once they exceed the normal threshold of a pimple, they are no longer a true pimple. How can anyone possibly measure how big something can be when there is a limit on its maximum size, and that size is routinely reached on a daily basis around the world?

So what is the biggest cystic pimple? Judge for yourself between the gross claimants below. But be warned. Do not watch if you have recently eaten. The contents of your stomach may end up all over your keyboard.


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