Fattest Woman Alive Has Sex Seven Times A Day

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fattest woman alive
Mayra Rosales at 1036 lb


When it comes to putting on the pounds, some people treat it as if it is a world title event. These people seem to, be it by force or by habit, gain so much weight that it really makes the mind boggle. So for this particular fact we will look at two women who have in recent times been crowned the fattest woman alive.

We will begin with the former fattest woman alive. The former title holder, if you really want to describe it that way, was Mayra Rosales. At her heaviest she weighed 470 kg (1,036 lb; 74 st), or about the same weight as 10 adult women. She came to prominence after being accused of killing her nephew in 2008. She was acquitted of the death. Since then she has lost an astounding 362 kg (800 lb).

The current fattest woman alive in the world

The current holder of the world’s fattest woman is 47 year old Pauline Potter. Potter became the Guinness World Record holder of the fattest woman alive when she tipped the scales at 317 kg (700 lb) in 2013. Since setting that record she has lost 45 kg (100 lb) since hoking back up with her ex husband. How did she lose the weight?

Pauline Potter at 700 lb
Pauline Potter at 700 lb

Her ex, Alex, decided to rekindle the romance when he heard of her claim to fame. Very soon afterwards the romance ended up in bed. That’s how she managed to lose all of the weight. Pauline and Alex have sex seven, yes seven times a day. When asked about the sex she said that she sweats out a lot of calories and she calls it sexercise.

We told you that sex is a great workout.

One amazing figure that you may not have paid too much attention to in this article about the fattest woman alive is the astounding weight loss of Rosales. Having lost 362 kg (800 lb) it now places her at 108 kg (236 lb). It’s still a heavy weight, about two average women, but she has managed to shed more weight than the currant title holder weighed at her heaviest.




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