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Extra Ribs in Humans, Some People Have Them

extra ribs in humans

Were you aware that there are extra ribs in humans, well at least some humans? This really is sectacular, but no need for concern if you are one of the few blessed with this additional set of ribs.

Time for a simple counting game. It’s time to count your ribs. It’s simple to do, unless you are excessively overweight that is, and it might bring a surprise to some. If you are one of the special few you would have counted 26 ribs, thirteen on each side. What’s so special about this number? Keep reading to find out.


Extra ribs in humans, how many do most people have?

If you just counted your ribs and found that you have 26 of them you are a one in five hundred event. Most people are born with 24 ribs, a dozen on each side of the rib cage. But if you have more you’re a rarity. The extra ribs in humans are known as cervical ribs, or neck ribs. They usually appear, as one of the common names suggest, near the neck. They are caused by a congenital abnormality. But if you thought that extra ribs in humans was freaky, it gets even weirder.

In some extremely rare cases a few people have been known to have 2 extra cervical ribs, for a total of 28, or 14 on each side of the chest.


If you have an extra rib we would love to hear from you below in the comments.




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I counted & I have a extra rib, on top of Asperger’s Syndrome & ADHD Combined Type but thanks to the rewiring of my physical brain due to autism a extraordinarily rarely high IQ, tested by the Weschler Intelligence Scale so verified by MENSA, I can say living a physically violent life until 7 yrs ago I have been struck with multiple foreign objects & over approx. 100 times I only ever suffered a “split rib” while in a street fight with 16 men, me as a 16 yrs old, while being pulled towards the ground at the waist bent… Read more »
Michael Bonato

I have 13 ribs on each side, am 64 yo, does this have anything to do with Tinnitus?


I have 2 extra ribs. Didn’t find out until I was 17 and in a car accident. But I also had a twin that died at birth and they said twins tend to have this Extra rib thing. I am currently 41 can’t put my arms above my head without passing out. Oh and I have relapsing r. Multiple sclerosis. Very low blood pressure.


I was born with scoliosis and one extra rib, I am 54 years old and I am having severe right shoulder pain. I don’t remember which side the extra rib is on. I was a very small child when the extra rib was found. I remember the doctor telling my parents that I needed to have surgery, but my father would not allow it. He was too afraid of the surgery making me permanently wheelchair bound.


I was told by a doctor at the Pain Clinic I have 26 ribs. The extra ribs are often associated with Transitional Vertebrae in the spine, in my case the lumbar region. Seems to be associated with pain & spinal problems. More of a curse than anything special. Restricts my movement as my hip bangs on the extra rib in certain positions. Don’t know if it’s a growth/development thing as a child but I should have been an inch or two taller than I am.

I have one extra cervical rib on my right side. I had tinnitus in my right ear and some unexplained inner ear issues. I am right handed and I drop things ALL the time. My hand just opens up. I get pain in my left chest when the muscles in my neck gets too tense. If I fall asleep with my right arm above my head, it will go completely numb and I have to use my left hand to move it back down. I don’t fall asleep with my right hand/arm above my head anymore : )
E Young

I have been told I have an extra set of ribs at my L1 vertebrae. It has influenced my hyperlordotic spine and makes it easy to bend forward but not backwards.

Just j please im not a monster
Just j please im not a monster
I have two extra ribs and had four extra teeth removed because kids kept teasing me and calling me a vampire…ive recently started reading up on all the myths legends and lore they all seem to cross reference the whole annunaki mythos so now im feeling confused and frightened after reading all sitchens stuff im afraid people are going to start calling me a reptillian shapeshifter next and hunting me it truely frightens me i wasnt raised by lizard people but i sure know the bittering sting and scrutiny of the scientists microscope i feel for lack of a better… Read more »

I have 13 pares of ribs. I am a girl and 29 years old. My body looks very good and fit. Some people say i am skinny but i cant get fat.

Brigitte Vann

Normal in my Family, they told me it was the Rib that God took from Adam to create Eve , which I excepted at that time ! Seems funny now, however: I also firmly believed in Santa Claus, the Easter-bunny the Tooth Fairy , and the Stork brought the Babies ! Nice while it lasted though !

Kelly Davis

I was 6 weeks old and found out I have 2 extra ribs and two extra vertebraes. Im now 28 and in so much pain. My dad also had to argue with doctors for me not to have surgery bc I would be in a wheelchair earlier than expected. I’ve went to hospital my whole life. Nothing they can find for relief at all anymore

Tasha Horton
TOS SURGERY I am one of those rare humans that had an extra cervical rib! For many years I didn’t know it and it didn’t bother me. An act as simple as going to the ladies room while having breakfast at Nordstrom’s Bellevue’s Irish Pub changed my life forever. I grabbed the handle to to enter the ladies room (it was not a round knob, rather one that you pull down on). I pulled down on the door handle and immediately heard what sounded like a bone cracking in my neck. I was completely immobile the very second it happened… Read more »

Incidental finding in both myself & our 12th child, also female.

Our daughter presented with a burning sensation in her thoracic cavity, proximal to her T5. Radiographic imaging showed 13th pair of ribs.

I have rapidly peogressive, degenerative disc disease. Mine discovered in MRI. Incidental finding.

I’m 53 years old, and have had intermittent pain in my mid to upper back. When I was nineteen, the physician doing a physical exam stated, “Wow, you have an extra rib!” I joked back, “Don’t you think we’d better find Adam to give it back?” He laughed, but said he wasn’t joking. It’s not too uncommon, but the second case he’d seen since his residency. He said if it caused any problems, it would probably be when arthritis began to set in my joints when I got older. My back would be the first to let me know. He… Read more »

I really feel like a freaky of nature knowing that no one has ever heard of 16 ribs on the left side and 14 ribs on the right side. It is painful to have so many you can’t lay on your side because your ribs and hip bone touch but atleast I know that I’m not the only one born with extra ribs I just don’t understand why I have so many


I have 4 extra ribs and 2 extra vertebrae. I got hurt as a teen and had to have back surgery that’s when the dr told me about the extras. I thought it was just from being 6’5”. But I’ve never had any problems what so ever from them. Just strange. An extra set of ribs is 1 in 500 what’s the odds of two extra sets? I guess I’m a rare bird. ??


When i was 17 i got an xray after a car accident. This xray revealed i have 14 ribs. The doctor said not to worry because it typically didn’t cuase problems. So i didn’t, until one day the one on my right directly above my natural first set of ribs, popped! Then began to cuase pressure on veins slowly got worse and was pushing down on my nervesBut then had to do emergency surgery!!!!!!! It was a dangerous surgery because of close it was to my jugular. But now everything is okay.


I have an extra set of ribs, so I have absolutely no waistline, even when I was skinny in my younger years, it gives me a lot of lower back problems



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