20 Family Guy Facts You Probably Don’t Know

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11 Seth MacFarlane Should Be A Victim Of 9/11

Family-Guy-911 seth macfarlane

Sometimes fate can be on your side, and it was when Seth missed a flight that flew into one of the World Trade center buildings on 9/11.

Seth MacFarlane missed American Airlines Flight 11 which flew into the North Tower of the World Trade Center because he was hungover and had the wrong departure time. He says that it hasn’t affected him and he wont allow it to affect him as people have close calls all the time and he doesn’t want it to impact his comedy writing.

I guess getting drunk can save your life.


12 Brian Was Named Stoner Of the Year by High Times In 2009

Brian Griffin was named “Stoner of the Year

There’s no denying it. Brian is very liberal minded. He has views about just about everything, and drug use is one of them. So why would High Times name Brian as stoner of the year?

In episode 420, Brian petitions the Mayor to legalize marijuana. He is failing miserably until Stewie decides to help him. The episode is epitomized with a song that both Brian and Stewie perform while holding bags of weed. Their campaign becomes so popular that Mayor West legalizes marijuana.

The problem was that everyone quickly got stoned, and the whole town was failing. After seeing the damage it was causing, marijuana was made illegal again. It was Brian’s activism that made him stoner of the year for High Times.


13 Quagmire Was Born In 1948

Well here’s an old horny guy for you, although he doesn’t look that way. Quagmire was born in 1948, which makes him well over 60 years old (I’m not going to put his age down here because it would require me updating it each year, and I might forget). But how do we know it for sure?

Quagmire revealed his birth year on screen. You can watch the video below. But it really shouldn’t surprise us. Keen fans might recall an episode where he became aware of the internet and disappeared for a week or so. This should give us an indication that he isn’t all that young at all.

14 Bonnie was pregnant for nearly 7 years.

bonnie pregnant for 7 years

There are some long pregnancies, then there are some long pregnancies. Bonnie’s has to be one of the longest. She was pregnant for nearly a full seven years before she finally gave birth to Susie, who ended up being voiced by Patrick Stewart. This finally happened in season 7, episode 7.

15 Family Guy Is Worth $2 Billion

family guy worth

In an interview with Barbara Walters a few years back she revealed to Seth just how much his show is worth. You might not believe it, but this 20 something minute television cartoon is worth about $2 billion. So what does he spend it all on. In his words, he doesn’t make many frivolous purchases.

16 Seth Says That Stewie Is Gay

Stewie Is Gay

As the series has progressed Stewie has gone from a matricidal killing machine hell bent on world domination, to a closet homosexual. It has left many viewers around the world wondering where the baby of the family sits with his sexuality. To the shows credit, they have been able to treat it with such decorum that it is actually funny. But the question of whether or not he is gay has already been confirmed by Seth MacFarlane.

In an interview with Playboy magazine, Seth revealed that Stewie was indeed gay. Whether or not it was necessary to reveal his sexuality remains in doubt. The show could have continued along with the veil of secrecy and we would all have been guessing.

17 Death Was Going To Be In Every Episode

family guy death

Sometimes a show will have something hidden in it that at first seems a little weird, then it will be repeated in every episode to become a running gag. South Park did this with the repeated death of Kenny in all of the episodes, and Family Guy also did it with “what the hell,” which you have already read about. But Death was something that =I didn’t expect.

Along with Death in every episode, Seth also revealed that the titles of the shows were going to be based on 1940’s suspense radio dramas. This combinesd with death would have made for a perfect mix.

18 The Voice Of Chris Is Based On Buffalo Bill From Silence Of The Lambs

Chris’ voice is based on Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs

One of the most awkward characters on the show has to be Chris. A naive teenager, he is often stalked by an aging pedophile and is not at all aware of what is going on. But apart from being dimwitted and hung like a horse, he is one of the few characters on the show that isn’t voiced by Seth himself. His voice is provide by Seth Green.

When trying to find the perfect voice on which to model Chris on, Seth looked towards a classic movie, Silence of the Lambs. The creepy Buffalo Bill is the inspiration for the voice of Chris.

They have even referenced Buffalo Bill in the Season 7 episode Stew-Roids where Chris can be seen doing the same weird dance that Buffalo Bill does. Weird.

19 Quagmire Is Left Handed

Quagmire Is Left Handed

This is something that not everyone would have picked up straight away. I’ll admit that I didn’t, but when I had it pointed out to me I could see everything was there plain to see.

In season 8 when Quagmire is introduced to the internet, and what a large portion of the internet actually is, he becomes a shut in. After some time away from society he emerges with a well formed, muscly arm. Guess what he has been up to. It’s something that I didn’t really pick up at the time, except to say they used the wrong arm, but he was left handed.

So that one scene should have alerted everyone that Quagmire was left handed, but some of us, like myself, missed the message. But once I became aware I started to look more thoroughly at how Quagmire uses his hands. The cartoonists and writers have managed to maintain a continuity for the show with him being left handed.

20 They Make Two Versions Of Nearly Every Episode


For the average fan that watches Family Guy on television we would be happily unaware that there are two versions of the same show available. It’s a treat that only those who go out and buy the DVD release of the episodes get to experience. That’s right, there are two different versions, one for TV and one for DVD.

When they release a show for television they have to make changes. This can be to make the show fit the running time, or to appease the censors. Sometimes there’s a fair bt that gets cut out of the final production piece. So to keep the fans happy, they release an untouched DVD version of the show. And it has some segments that you would never see on television.

Season 6’s Movin’ Out episode had what could be described as risque. At the end of the first act Lois can be seen chastising Brian about his relationship with Jillian. For the broadcast viewer, that’s all there is, and the show continued on. But the DVD release had something more sinister and rude.

A banner ad then pops up along the bottom of the screen. It can possibly be described as the first Simpsons Family Guy cross over. The ad shows Quagmire forcing himself onto Marge before the two go back to the family house. There Quagmire shoots the rest of the family. Watch the video below.

After this Fox stepped in to calm the mood between the two rival animated shows. Things eventually improved enough for them to have a full blown cross over episode in 2014.

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