The First Adult Movie Ever Made Was in 1896

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first Adult movie

The world’s first Adult movie ever made was a seven minute French film in which a woman performs a striptease (she wouldn’t have earned as much as these strippers) in the bathroom, gets bathed, and then gets dressed again. The movie was called “Le Coucher de la Mariée.” You can watch what remains of the video here (it’s not that explicit). That same year a film of a belly dancer was released on a kinetoscope. Not that explicit, I’ll admit, but it became the first film to face the censors, and be banned. Because we all know how much fun censors are. They’re as much fun as pissing on spark plugs. Despite this run-in with the fun police, Le Coucher de la Mariée continued to be viewed. But even though it was only very short, and not that revealing, it started a trend that would go on to almost completely hijack a method of communication one hundred years later, the internet.

OK, so this movie was very boring and very tame, especially when compared to today’s standards. While it is technically a Adult movie, it can be regarded as an erotic tease, not full on graphic Adult, like this act that we are more used to. So what was the first real Adult movie ever made that was nearly, or as explicit as today’s films? To find out we don’t have to look much past “Le Coucher de la Mariée.” In fact, it was only twelve years later.

In 1908 the French were at it again. This time they produced a movie called “A L’Ecu d’Or ou la bonne auberge.” It was made in 1908 and was about a soldier that had a tryst with a woman in an inn. A soldier must have been the early 1900’s version of the pool cleaner. You can find the very explicit video by following this link, but be warned. It’s as bad as anything found online today. Around the same time a movie, “El Sátiro (The Satyr),” which was made in Argentina , was just as explicit. There’s some dispute to its age as it can not be verified, but it’s believed to have been made between 1907 and 1912.

By the end of 1910 the dark alleys of the world had seemed to embrace Adult. The German movie, “Am Abend,” (1910) was only ten minutes long but featured a woman masturbating in bed alone before progressing onto sexual intercourse with a man, oral sex and more. This was one of the earliest hardcore Adult films ever made.

By the 1920’s the industry was under significant pressure from the fun police. Production was moved underground, to a quasi criminal atmosphere. The mere possession of this type of material could see you placed into prison.

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