Sony’s First Product Was a Rice Cooker That Didn’t Work

sony first product rice cooker

Sony’s first product can be best described as a pretty crappy rice cooker. When we say crappy, we mean crappy. Just think of a rice cooker from the 99 cent store, and then make it look ugly and even cheaper, and you pretty well have Sony’s first product. So why and how did such a powerhouse of an electronics company develop such a defective piece of household electrical equipment.

So today we are well and truly aware that most cheap electronics, and just about everything else is manufactured in China. When quality control standards are in place, they can produce fantastic items, built to last. But when there is a distinct lack of that control the production quality can be pretty awful, as any Ebay purchaser would be aware of.  On the flip side of things, today Japan is known as the manufacturer of high end, high quality and technologically advanced electronics. But it wasn’t all that long ago when Japan itself was in a similar situation to what China is today. At one point, anything made in Japan was almost assured to be faulty or flimsy. The term “Jap crap” was often used. It was in this early phase of the post was electronics boom in Japan that Sony made their first blunder.

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