Benjamin Franklin Wrote a Fart Essay – Fart Proudly

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US revolutionary Benjamin Franklin once wrote an essay on farts and called it “Fart Proudly.” It wasn’t as a child or teenager either. But he did write it as a it of a prank though.

When he was living in France around 1781 he was asked to do a scientific paper for the Royal Academy of Brussels. Benjamin Franklin thought they were too “up tight” so he wrote an essay on farts and named his essay “Fart Proudly.” It wasn’t as silly as it sounds either. While studying and composing his essay he undertook several vigorous studies to make it as scientific as possible. He discussed different foods to make farts smell better, and what smells resulted from which food. Franklin even suggested that scientists develop a drug so that farts are not offensive and have a pleasant smell, such as perfume. 

Benjamin Franklin never submitted Fart Proudly. Instead he sent the essay as a letter to a Welsh friend in England, Richard Price.

Though he never submitted his essay, Benjamin Franklin printed several copies of Fart Proudly on his printing press in France. He distributed the essay among his friends, including a chemist who was famous for his work on gases.


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