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Iguanas Have a Third Eye

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iguanas have a third eye

Now this would be handy. Iguanas have a third eye. This is really freaky for an animal that isn’t exactly an insect, like bees. But extra appendages on animals, and humans for that matter are not exactly something that is all that new. For generations people have known that flies have a shitload of eyes, some animals have more than one vagina or several heads of a penis, and that even people can be born with six or more fingers or toes, or in some cases, an extra penis. But is this true that iguanas have a third eye? It does seem a little odd that an animal would have just one of something other than a belly button, and iguanas wouldn’t even have one of them.

We can tell you that iguanas really do have a third eye. it’s located on their head. But scientifically speaking, it isn’t really an eye. And to tell you the truth, it’s really freaky too.

So this third eye isn’t really an eye, but it is. Confused yet? Well the reason that they eye isn’t regarded as a real eye is because it doesn’t have a lens. They can’t even see out of it. But just because they can’t see out of it doesn’t mean that it is useless. It’s there for a reason. While the eye isn’t capable of sight as we know it, it can sense light and movement. A little like a wife or a mother, or that all knowing school teacher that knows something is going on behind them. Like seriously, I know that you don’t have a mirror, and I’m pretty sure you don’t have a hidden eye, how the heck do you know what’s going on? So what is it used for?

As we have already said. The eye is there for a reason. Just because it can’t see like a normal eye doesn’t make it useless. Being located on the top of the head allows them to detect if they are going to be attacked from above, like from a bird of prey. Having the ability to sense and detect a possible attack from the sky could possibly ave their life.


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