Where Does Belly Button Fluff Come From?

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where does belly button fluff come from

Oh, the question that needs urgent answering. Where does belly button fluff come from? You know the stuff. Naval fluff, belly button lint, naval lint. The  fabric fluffy material that you discover inside your belly button. At first thought most people would say it all comes from our clothing and traveled down due to gravity. But this answer is only half correct. Most of it does come from clothing, hence the reason it often resembles a similar color to the clothing we are wearing. But it also contains dead skin cells and body hair, which is a little bit more disgusting in my books. But if that isn’t disgusting enough for you, wait until you discover where belly button fluff come from.

Naval lint also travels up from the underwear, not down. It gets there because of the friction created by clothing and body hair forcing the hair upwards. So what ever you do, do not put it in your mouth. So how do we know this? Obviously someone asked the question, but surely money wasn’t wasted on such a trivial question when there are much more pressing discoveries to be made. Well, someone did spend money on such a useless study, and thanks to his investigation, we now know the answer to the burning question, where does belly button fluff come from?

In 2001, Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki of the University of Sydney, Australia, undertook a study to determine the source and contents of belly button lint. Dr. Kruszelnicki also noted that women have less fluff than men, mainly due to less body hair creating the friction for the hair to move up the body. But if you have belly button fluff, don’t worry. It is harmless.

In 2002, Dr. Kruszelnicki was awarded the LG Nobel Prize for Interdisciplinary Research in 2002. the LG Nobel Prize is awarded for “achievements that cannot or should not be repeated”. He also makes regular guest appearances on national television and radio discussing science, and is the author of several best selling books.



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