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Sun. Oct 20th, 2019

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21 Weird and Interesting Christmas Facts

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2 Saint Nicholas Is The Patron Saint of Prostitutes

Aviary Photo_130316655872832117We are well aware of the fact that Saint Nicholas is embodied as the modern day Santa Claus because of his reputation to give secret gifts. It was this gift giving that lead Saint Nicholas to become the most odd of patron saints. Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of prostitutes. Along with this patronage, he is also the patron saint of many other groups including sailors, merchants, archers, thieves, children, pawnbrokers and students. Now you are probably wondering how Saint Nicholas became the patron saint of prostitutes.

It all began with a man in Patara. The man had lost all of his money, and to make matters worse, he had three daughters to support. The difficulty came about due to not being able to raise a dowry. As was the case in those times, if a dowry was not able to be made, the woman would never marry and spend her life as a prostitute.

Enter Saint Nicholas. When he heard of the families plight he headed, under the cover of darkness, for the man’s house. Once there he threw a purse full of gold coins through the open window. It was the dowry for the eldest girl. He would continue to do the same for the second and third girls. On the third trip, the father was in waiting and caught his benefactor in the act. The man was overwhelmed with gratitude for saving his daughters.
So this is the reason Saint Nicholas Is The Patron Saint of Prostitutes. Not because he was a deviant, but because he saved three girls from prostitution.

3 The Opposite Of Santa Claus Is Krampus

untitled (4)It is common for parents to warn their young children about misbehaving at Christmas time. Children are told that if they misbehave Santa Claus will not bring them presents on Christmas morning. A Christmas carol even alludes to this. For parents it works wonders. A quick reminder that Santa is watching them will quite often pull a naughty kid into line. But I bet this Santa Claus fact will surprise many. Did you know that Santa, just like God, has an opposite number, and his name is Krampus.

Saint Nicholas’ opposite, Krampus first appeared in German pre-Christian folklore as a goat like creature. By the 17th century the figure of Krampus was connected with that of Saint Nicholas, otherwise known as Santa Claus to be his complete opposite. In modern times he is described as being hairy, usually black or brown with cloven horns and a pointed tongue. He usually carries a whip or chain. Krampus, instead of giving out gifts as Santa does, will take misbehaving and naughty children away in his sack to his lair. But in other versions he will take the naughty children away for drowning, eating or to transport them to hell.

So if reminding your child that Santa is watching fails, try telling them about this little known Christmas time surprise.

4 Walmart’s Christmas Underwear Controversy


There’s really nothing quite like a successful and memorable marketing campaign. We have so many fantastic jingles, funny videos, and smart one liners. Those kind of campaigns are ones that many of us treasure and remember for years. But what happens when it all goes horribly wrong? As in, someone just didn’t think things through? Walmart found out the consequences in one of the worst possible ways.

In December 2007 Walmart withdrew some girls underpants with “Who needs credit cards…” on the front and “When you have Santa” on the rear. Palm on forehead. When they went on sale in the juniors department it quickly started a lot of bad publicity online with women’s groups claiming it had a sinister sexual undertone.

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