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21 Weird and Interesting Christmas Facts

Are you ready for weird and interesting Christmas facts? If you are like most people who follow the Christian faith, you will most likely celebrate Christmas on December 25 each year. As Christmas is supposed to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, is has been celebrated for the best part of two millennium. Over that long period of time Christmas itself has evolved to what we know and celebrate today. Here we will try our best to bring you some of the most interesting and weird Christmas facts that you may have never heard of before. With each fact we will provide a link to our full article that will open in a new tab or page, so as not to disturb your reading pleasure.

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1 Die Hard Was One Of The Best Christmas Films Ever

weird and interesting christmas facts

Now, we know what you are thinking. Die Hard was an action film, not a Christmas film. What the heck? Well Die Hard was actually set on Christmas eve, so it falls into the Christmas film genre. Die Hard was actually voted the greatest Christmas film of all time in 2010 by Empire magazine, and 4th best in Rotten Tomatoes’ list.

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