Is The Punishment For Masturbation Decapitation In Indonesia?

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Punishment For Masturbation Decapitation In Indonesia

Is the punishment for masturbation in Indonesia decapitation? It’s not exactly a big secret that some Asian countries have a harsh criminal code. In many countries around Asia the harshest penalties are reserved for drug related crimes, namely importation and distribution. Other crimes that can result in a harsh penalty include murder, rape and serious theft. But in most cases sexual offenses have a victim. What sets Indonesia apart from many Asian countries is the majority Muslim population, and laws that are adjusted to accommodate the religions morals For example, masturbation is a sin. Obviously, sexual based offenses carry a bit of weight. But is masturbation punishable by death in Indonesia?

Masturbation is not punishable by decapitation in Indonesia, and here’s the reason why. Simply cutting the head of every man, citizen or tourist, would quickly result in massive problems for the country. But that’s not the real reason that they don’t remove your head for playing with yourself, even though it is technically a crime.

The exact law relating to masturbation in Indonesia is any immoral behavior can be punished with a maximum of 2 years 8 months in prison. Notice that it says any immoral behavior. This can be masturbation, swearing and lewd gestures. Masturbation clearly falls into the category of immoral behavior, however like most crimes it would require a witness to prove guilt. Not too many people would do such a thing in public, but they could always fall victim to a peeping Tom or an accidental walk in.

So, if you’re visiting a foreign country and don’t want to land yourself in trouble, remember this old saying. When in Rome do as the Romans do, and you will be fine


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