Ke$ha Wasn’t Credited or Paid for Her Breakout Hit

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ke$ha wasn't paid

This is just spectacular. Ke$ha wasn’t paid a dime for her breakout hit. She wasn’t even credited for it. But, even though it was unfair, her performance launched her career and made her who she is today.

When Flo Rida’s chart topping hit, Right Round was released in 2008, it quickly rose to the top of the charts. It was so popular that it is still among the top of the highest selling digital sales in a week. In this song was a young and talented artist who was searching for her big break into super stardom. But no one would have known it because she wasn’t credited for her performance. That talented individual was none other than Ke$ha.

I think that most people would agree that she was shortchanged and given a bad deal. It’s the kind of rebuttal that would dishearten many people aspiring artists, and drive them from the sector for good. But Ke$ha treated it differently. She saw it as an opportunity, and she didn’t let it pass. She capitalized on that powerful performance and used it to launch her now successful music career. Ke$ha topped that performance with her own debut single, Tik Tok, which set the record for the longest time at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for a debut female artist since Debbie Boone held the same position for ten weeks in 1977 with “You Light Up My Life.” 

I think it’s fair to say that even though Ke$ha wasn’t paid for her breakout song, the end result has been fantastic for her.


Ke$ha wasn't paid or credited


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