Kesha Dollar Sign Story – She Added It Because She Was Poor

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kesha dollar sign story

Now it’s time for the Kesha dollar sign story. Do you know why Ke$ha decided to use the dollar ($) sign in her name? It has to do with money, but not in the way that you think. In fact the reason may surprise some people.

It’s not exactly uncommon for celebrities to flaunt their wealth and opulence. Some of them, such as Mr T, tend to go a little overboard with their flashiness. Some will buy the best and fastest card, and some will buy the most beautiful mansion that can be found. Occasionally some may even pick up a new name, or a nick name that shows off their wealth and success. But you know what? All the power to them. If it makes them happy, but doesn’t change who they are, I wish them all the success in the world. Ke$ha on the other hand, made a statement that was the polar opposite by including the dollar sign in her name.

Ke$ha actually included the dollar symbol in her name because she was poor. She was so financially stricken that she could often be found shopping in 99 cent stores buying canned food. Including the $ symbol was her way of being ironic.

Avid fans may recall that before she became famous she featured in the Flo Rida song “Right Round.” Unfortunately for Ke$ha, she was neither credited for her part or paid. Such a rebuke would have been devastating, especially considering that she was struggling to make ends meet and it was a number 1 hit. Things were so difficult for Ke$ha that she even broke into Prince’s house to try and give him one if her singles.

If we have learned anything from her story it’s that tenacity pays off.


kesha dollar sign story


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