Kodak Nuclear Reactor Secretly Kept in Rochester New York

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KODAK Nuclear Reactor Secret Kept In Rochester New YorkKODAK had a secret nuclear reactor stored in a baspermt in Rochester, New York, and no one knew about it.

When you think about KODAK it’s hard not to think about cameras. It was their business, and their calling card. Just mention the name KODAK and people the world over know that you are talking about photography. They were one of the great innovators of the 20th century, and their cameras have captured many of the greatest moments in history. they were always making progress in the photography field, and pushing new boundaries. But a secret KODAK nuclear reactor in Rochester, New York is far from anything remotely close to photography. In fact it surely must raise some serious questions, least of all regarding security. Not to mention how they kept it a secret for three decades.

What makes the secret KODAK nuclear reactor in Rochester New York so bad and dangerous?

The reactor was bought by KODAK in 1974 and is known as a Californium Neutron Flex multiplier. It is only one of two ever built. The reactor was filled with 1.59kg (3.5 pounds) of uranium plates, enriched to 93.4 percent, which is the same material that is used to make nuclear weapons, not to mention enriched just about perfectly too. That alone is scary and should raise security questions.

The company kept the device in a bunker underground, surrounded by 60 cm (2 foot) wide walls, and was always kept under tight security. They claimed that the device was completely safe and was only ever used for research and to check materials for impurities.

It’s not unheard of that private companies have nuclear reactors. The government sometimes will issue licences for small reactors to private companies.

Want to know what law enforcement thought about a nuclear reactor under New York? The law enforcement agencies, both locally in Rochester and state wide knew absolutely nothing about the device.



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