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Netflix Was Founded Because of a Late Fee for a Movie

netflix founded late fee movie

Netflix was founded because of a late fee for a movie. Now, you might be wondering to yourself, why would anyone bother getting so riled up over a late fee that they would go out and start up a new business. Well, let’s just say that if you could see a massive failure in customer service and an opportunity to fill that failure, wouldn’t you take it?

This has to be the ultimate revenge story. Many of us are now familiar with Netflix. It’s the biggest internet streaming service for high-quality content on the web. Sure, there are sites like YouTube, Daily Motion and Vimeo, but the vast majority of the videos uploaded to those sites are user produced, and well, perhaps not as refined as a professional Hollywood production. To be harshly honest, you could spend a lot of time clicking through the videos before you find something worth consuming a few minutes of your time. And that’s another point. Most videos on those sites are short, in most cases only a handful of minutes in length. But this is where Netflix differs. They deliver premium content, as in professionally made movies, documentaries, and television shows, for a small fee.

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