Sharpen Razor Blades On Jeans

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sharpen razor blades on jeans

For the money conscience among us this is a must know. Did you know that you can sharpen razor blades on jeans? Not only can you rejuvenate that painful, old dull razor, you can do it effectively and cheaply, resulting in substantial savings over the course of a year.

I know, I know. This isn’t exactly a fact. It’s more of a how to, but I found it rather interesting. Both for the cost savings, and how it actually works. So what do we need to complete this task?

This is the beauty of this trick. It’s both easy and cheap. All you need are a pair of blue jeans and a razor blade.

Step 1. After shaving ensure the razor is dry. Rust is the biggest enemy of a fine blade.

Step 2. Go to your wardrobe and get a leg from one of your old blue jeans.

Step 3. Hold the end out and rub the blade ten to twenty times in both directions. Make sure that you rub it backwards.

Step 4. Enjoy a clean shave from a sharp razor and the savings that you have just made.

So how does this work? Why can you sharpen razor blades on jeans?

The blades are very fine, and when you shave you take tiny nicks out of it. Over several shaves these nicks build up, to the point that the blade is no longer usable. Just like a single blade rubbing on a piece of leather, the denim removes the little chips, restoring it to a fine smooth blade.

If you want to aid in the life of the blade, you can also dip it into some rubbing alcohol. This will remove any traces of water, preventing any rust.

What are the savings when you sharpen razor blades on jeans?

Anyone who shaves knows that the razors can range in price from cheap and nasty to the very expensive. If you are going to make the most out of this saving I would recommend investing on the top of the range blades. This can result in massive savings. Not only do more expensive blades give a cleaner and more comfortable shave, when you start sharpening them the costs savings can be massive. If a single blade sets you back $4, and it lasts only a week, the total cost of razors in a year is $208. Assuming that you can get six months per blade, the total yearly expense associated with shaving has just plummeted to $8, saving you $200 a year.

I hope you enjoy the free shaves. Watch this video below for a simple straight forward example of how it’s done.


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