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Oldest Goldfish Ever Was Tish Who Lived to Be 43

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So what makes the this old age so unusual for a captive goldfish? Most people begin fish keeping with goldfish. They are hardy, easy to care for and require little maintenance. As is often the┬ácase, goldfish will succumb to poor water quality within a decade. Most people will be unaware of the problem, but will notice the fins of the fish begin to recede, and look more pale than usual. As food and other biological waste breaks down, it creates a nitrates. These nitrates are toxic to all fish and will eventually lead to death if not treated by changing part of the water on a regular basis, and cleaning the filter. That’s why it’s important not to over feed them. The food will not be consumed and will only rot in the tank.

If you intend on getting your own goldfish with the aim of getting it to be the oldest goldfish ever, you need to provide it with a quality diet, and clean it’s enclosure on a regular basis.


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oldest goldfish ever

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