Panda Adultography Is A Real Thing

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Who doesn’t like panda’s? They look cute, docile and they only eat bamboo. But their outward portrayal is all a ruse. Behind their cuteness hides a dark, shady and sordid activity. Panda Adultography. We kid you not. There really is such a thing as panda Adultography.

Adult in one form or another has been around for a very long time. Commercially speaking though it is a relatively new innovation. Adult first entered the world, and magazine shelves thanks to Hugh Hefner and his Playboy magazine. Since then it has changed and evolved. It first became more hard core and then found a new market in cheap and tacky movies. With the advent of the internet Adult exploded into every home with internet access. Until recently, thanks to social networking, it has dominated the online world. For the average punter it has been used for little more than entertainment. This is not the case for panda’s.

As most people already know, pandas are an endangered species. To ensure their survival they must mate. There is no other option. It is a must. The problem is there are a lot of pandas held in captivity, and these bears show very little, if any eagerness to breed. A zoologist in Thailand thought he had found the solution. He began playing panda Adult to the captive animals in the hope that the captive bears might see other animals mating and be encouraged to participate themselves. The researchers behind the project claim some success, but it has not been proven anywhere outside China.

One of the other methods used to encourage the beautiful bears to mate was the use of a certain blue pill. Like the Adult, it showed no real signs of success.



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