Penguin Prostitution – That’s Right. They Sell Sex

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Penguin Prostitution

Penguin prostitution, now there’s a couple of words that I never thought I would ever say, read or write. But even though it sounds like an odd thing to say, it actually happens. You read that right, it’s not only humans that have low moral standards. But why?

The sexual adventures of  the Antarctic bird that looks a lot like a nun are beginning to leave a lot to be desired. You may have read our fact about the male penguins raping and performing necrophilia, but would you believe that female penguins sell sex? People selling sex is not a new thing, but a cute little bird from the antarctic? Many people claim that the act of selling sex is actually the oldest profession in the world. While it certainly is old, it would most likely be outdated by hunters and gatherers as professions, but we’ll leave that discussion for another day. The idea that penguins engage in a sexual act for a bartering system would surprise many, especially as they posses no currency, or do they?

Do you need a form of currency to sell sex? Those who have engaged in the act of selling sex in the past have exchanged their services for other things besides money, such as goods, services and favors. We have all heard of the housewife that gets a “discount” for services rendered. This is what penguins appear to do. While they certainly have no form of real currency, what they do have is rocks, pebbles or stones, and the females are in need of them for their nests.

What can be gained from female penguin prostitution?

While the act of penguin prostitution shouldn’t be compared to that of the human activity, it does have its similarities. Happy Feet’s form of prostitution is a simple, and at times a cheeky one. They have been observed allowing a male, to be precise, any male to have sex with them in return for stones to build a nest. While they will usually have a single mate, the females will sneak off and seek out single males in particular for stones. Their male partner is none the wiser to what she is doing. It sounds a little slutty doesn’t it? The other cheeky part of their activity is that they will sometimes trick the male, and after getting their pebbles they will run off without living up to their end of the deal, leaving a cheated, and obviously stoneless  male in waiting.

These birds may look like a nun, but they certainly don’t act like one.


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