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Do Sloths Grab Their Own Arms and Fall to Their Death?

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If you think about it, the actions of completing the task of grabbing their own arm and falling requires a few things to fall into place that just doesn’t make sense. Firstly, the sloth would have to be completely lacking of all sense of touch. The feeling of grabbing their own arm should alert them that it isn’t a branch. Secondly, it would suggest that even though the baby sloth is young, it is not intelligent enough to grasp the idea of what is a branch and what is not. They may be slow in movement, but not Forrest Gump slow. The third and final part of the problem is that there are a lot of tree dwelling mammals in the world, and this is not a problem that any other creature faces. If it affected sloths, it would surely affect other animals in the same way.

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sloths grab their own arms

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