You Can Hear Bees Ejaculating

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Bees EjaculatingWho would have ever thought that the sound of bees ejaculating could be heard by humans? But don’t get this sound confused with the sound in which humans make. We’re talking about moaning and grunting. The sound that they make is very different.

It may come as a shock to many to learn that bee sex is vastly different to humans, and many other animals for that matter. To be precise, when they have sex a bees testicles explode. Can you guess what sound you are hearing when the bee ejaculates? That’s right. The sound you hear is not of moaning or grunting, or even gushing. The sound of bees ejaculating is a popping sound. That’s because it is so powerful it ruptures the¬†endophallus which disconnects it from the queen, and leaves behind its own genitals which are still attached to its mate.

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Although the sound isn’t always audible, in a quiet environment it is possible to occasionally hear it.



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