Which Animal Has the Biggest Balls?

what mammal has the biggest balls

Which animal has the biggest balls? This question has two possible answers. One for the largest balls of all the animals, and one for the largest relative to body size. The reason that we have to look at this particular record this way is because even though one record is absolutely massive, by proportion the other is even more astounding, a litle like this animal with the biggest penis.

Which animal has the biggest balls in comparison to its body size?

The animal with the biggest testicles, when compared to its entire body, is a tiny little animal, an insect in fact called the tuberous bushcricket. This little guy sports some massive balls. They are so big that they are a whopping 14 percent of its entire body weight. To put this into perspective for you, that would be the equivalent of an average-sized man carrying around a pair of testicles that weighed as much as a nineteen month old child, or about six bags of sugar each. Now that’s one hell of a pair. But why would evolution demand such massive gonads?

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