Synthetic Cannabis Dimethylheptylpyran Has a High That Lasts 3 Days

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synthetic marijuana 3 day high

You’ve heard of marijuana, right? I guess that you have also heard of the synthetic cannabis called Kronic, which mimics the effects of the drug, but in many jurisdictions is still legal. But have you heard of Dimethylheptylpyran (DMHP, just because it’s easier)? You may not have ever heard of this drug, but it was a forerunner to Kronic in the synthetic cannabis department, but packs one hell of a punch. Unlike nutmeg, it won’t make you feel ill.

Stoners the world over are well versed in the psychedelic effects of marijuana. It’s a drug that is inhaled and has a sedative, analgesic and some psychological effects on the user. It also has the habit of giving people the munchies. But the effects are not long lasting, and use of the drug is illegal in many places around the world. Even in those places where it is legal, it is tightly regulated. But still, even though there are legal risks involved in using it, and the effects are not long lasting, people still like using the drug.

Enter synthetic marijuana. In recent times the drug called Kronic has gained a lot of interest among those looking for a legal high. However, there are questions as to whether or not the use of this drug is safe. In the end you are inhaling it. But in the end the result is essentially the same, even if it is harmless. The high soon wears off, and a bout of the munchies soon sets in. But did you know that a team of scientists working on a new military chemical weapon happened upon a type of synthetic marijuana that can give you a high for three days straight?

For nearly two decades the US military scientists had fun with servicemen developing this new hyped up version of cannabis. It was just one of the many things they developed as a side project at Edgewood Arsenal to give to servicemen just to see what happened. Because why use lab rats?

A typical person only needs a joint of two to begin giggling in the mirror, but this DMHP is some powerful stuff. A mere 0.0002 g is all that was needed of this synthetic marijuana to get people high. But give them 1 mg, and they were completely incapacitated for up to three days. That’s right. Three days straight stoned.

The mad scientists at Edgewood thought they had developed the perfect weapon. A non-lethal, chemical agent, that made the enemy so peaceful, and out of this world happy, they would just sit around half asleep and laughing at grasshoppers fro several days, you could just walk on in and take their their base without firing a single shot.

Now this drug isn’t smoked like pot is, despite the fact it is chemically very similar to THC. It’s a liquid composition that isn’t soluble in water, but is in alcohol. Just like pot, it is considered to have extremely low toxicity, meaning that overdose is not very likely.

The program for the perfect chemical weapon was disbanded in the 1970’s. There were probably more fun chemical weapons that needed to be developed.

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